A Tribute to 'The State of Israel' - 76 years (1948 - 2024)

And remembrance of those who died in the WW11 'Holocaust!' And, Israelis murdered by Hamas - Gaza terrorist attack 07th October, 2023)

Shalom Partner and Friend of Israel,

A tribute to ‘The State of Israel’ – 76 years in the Biblical Year 5784 (2023/2024) … and a remembrance of those who died in the ‘Holocaust’ in World War 11:

A Prayer for the State of Israel: "Our Father in Heaven, Rock and Redeemer of the people Israel; Bless the State of Israel, with its promise of redemption. Shield her with Your love; spread over her the shelter of Your peace. Guide her leaders and advisors with Your light and Your truth. Help them with Your good counsel. Strengthen the hands of those who defend our Holy Land. Deliver them; crown their efforts with triumph. Bless the land with peace, and its inhabitants with lasting joy." Amen

The miracle of the century is what happened in the Middle East during the past seven decades... The Jewish people, who were divinely expelled from the land of their fathers 2,000 years ago, are being re-gathered from all the nations according to the Prophetic Word. (However as we remember WW11 Holocaust let's also look carefully what has happened in Israel on the 07th October, 2023 planned by the Islamists terrorists in Gaza to coincide with 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War of 1973. The world watched asHamas bararic terrorists attaked and murdered inncocent Israeli civilians in South Israel! The world then marched with Hamas terrorists against Israeli and antisemtism rose like in times of the Holocaust. We always pondered upon whether the Lord's Brethren - the Jews would once again face another Holocaust? In 2020 Israelis were used as Medical Experiments with Covid vaccinations in the Holy Land - God's Land ... but this time its sadly by their own Leaders who are sold out to the Globalists and World Health Org.) Surely these are all an abomination to God and we may NOW soon see history repeating itself and judgement for those attempting to destroy God's people and His Land! God is still on the THRONE and will NOT be mocked! Watch and pray!

The Nation of Israel will however will remember; 06th May, 2024 - Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom HaShoah) as a sad and solemn day in Israel, when all Jewish people where ever they at the sound of the siren, stop and stand to observe a two minute silence to remember those who died in the Holocaust. Will this be a tribute to ALL Israelis who also lost their lives on the 07th October, 2023?  … And, then on the 13th May, 2024 is also a Memorial Day (Yom HaZicharon) in Israel as the day was set apart to remember the soldiers who died in the "War of Liberation" and who are buried on Mount Herzl and elsewhere throughout the State. This will also be a year where Modern Israel with hearts broken for all IDF Soldiers and those who died defending their Nation and people - Israel. The Ministry of Defence sends out personal messages of condolence to all families who have lost men and women in the country’s struggle to maintain its freedom. Thousands make the pilgrimage and stand before Theo Herzl’s grave on a high plateau, beautifully situated and overlooking the City of Jerusalem. At night celebrations are launched by the kindling of "Independence Torches," a ceremony in which various immigrant groups fittingly take part, as a symbol of Israel’s main purpose and achievement.

Israel’s Independence Day (Yom HaAtzma'ut) is celebrated in Israel on the 14th May 2024. The 14th May is the ACTUAL day when the whole world should salute the State of Israel who in 2024 will turn 76 Years! This was the date in 1948 (5 Iyar 5708) when Israel became a State again after 2,000 years.

Why must we NEVER forget the Holocaust? The Hebrew word for the Holocaust in Hebrew is "Shoah" meaning "Catastrophe"…The Holocaust was the systematic annihilation of six million Jews during the Nazi genocide - in 1933 nine million Jews lived in the 21 countries of Europe that would be occupied by Nazi Germany during World War 2. By 1945 two out of every three European Jews had been killed. Today we must NOT be silent ...and MUST stand with the innocent Israeli people! Just as we have seen 77 years ago the sufffering done to the Jews by Hitler's - Josef Mengele and his Medical Experiments ans Gazan War together with surrounding Nations attacking innocent civilians on the 07th October, 2023 ...are we witnessing "history repeat itself?"

The Holocaust should NEVER be forgotten as it must remind us of what we are all capable of if we do NOT act with love and compassion… Someone other than Hitler had to usher Jews into the gas chambers… Someone before that person took away their belongings and gave them to another person to rifle through… Someone else forced them onto the trains to Auschwitz and other camps, knowing that they were sending them to their deaths. These facts send chills down our spines!

If we ignore the lessons of history, we are destined to repeat it  ...and are we seeing this NOW happening - not only in Israel BUT across the world? One quote of Hitler actually told us of his plans; "When I came to power, I did not want the concentration camps to become old age pensioner’s homes, but instruments of terror." (Adolph Hitler)

It can happen again ...and is it happening again? 2020 certainly has NOT ended and even today in 2023 - continues on with untested Medical Experiments and "Eugenics" planned long time ago as "depopulation" upon the vulnerable, unsuspecting people in Israel and around the world ....and funded by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci through plan-demic of Covid-19 originating in China. The corrupt lying MEDIA is SILENT about the attorcities being committed and are working against the people ...and the World Health Org. and United Nations are also involved! Where did we see this hapening before...? You answered correctly - during the Holocaust of WW11!

We wrote way back in 2007; "In the future, there could be a Christian Holocaust especially in countries where Muslims are ruling… Muslims allegedly consider Christians as infidels, and enemies of Islam. From, that assumption, extreme Islamists seize in eliminating Christians just as the Nazis used to eliminate Jews because the Nazis felt threatened by Jews so Muslims feel threatened by Christians. Many Muslims now seem to think that they need to kill Jews and Christians to safeguard their alleged threatened religious heritage… Jerusalem. And could the "spirit of Hitler" arise in Western Countries where the war criminals of WW11 Holocaust fled to - such as America, Europe or other Nations? Or China who controls the world with finances?" You see clearly today that Big Pharm, Big Tech and Big Corporations run by wealthy Elites and Government Leaders, etc., who have sold their souls to this satanic agenda!


Let's continue what happened during WW11 and decide whether this is a warning for our day - 2024... Professional and amateur artists recorded what they saw and experienced during the reign of the Third Reich. They went beyond simple protest against the hardships, misery and inhumanity to leave a vivid account of their sufferings. The record left behind in the ghettos of those in death camps, and displaced persons create snapshots of life and death under Hitler. Drawings and paintings speak eloquently of man's inhumanity and cruelty. The Nazis labelled this art "horror propaganda," Holocaust writer Lawrence Langer calls it the "horror truth."

Some 1.5 million innocent children were murdered during the Holocaust… Nazi persecution, arrests, and deportations were directed against all members of the targeted families without concern for age. Plucked from their homes and stripped of their childhood... many children had witnessed the murder of parents, siblings, and relatives.

Many faced starvation, illness and brutal labour, until all of them were consigned to the gas chambers. They lived and died during the dark years of the Holocaust and were victims of the Nazi nightmare...!

Eleven-year-old Liliane Gerenstein, born January 13, 1933 in Nice, France, wrote a heart-rending letter to God just days before the children of Izieu were sent to their deaths at Auschwitz

"God? How good You are, how kind and if one had to count the number of goodness’s and kindness’s You have done, one would never finish!

God? It is You who command. It is You who are justice, it is You who reward the good and punish evil!

God? It is thanks to You that I had a beautiful life before, that I was spoiled, that I had lovely things that others do not have!

God? After that, I ask You one more thing only; Make my parents come back, my poor parents, protect them (even more than You protect me) so that I can see them again as soon as possible. Make them come back!

Ah, I had such a good mother and such a good father. I have such faith in You and I thank You in advance!"

One of the most famous accounts of the Holocaust is told by a teenage Jewish girl who from1942 to 1944, with her family, hid from the Gestapo in a tiny attic in Amsterdam Young Anne Franke wrote regularly in her diary and, despite impending doom, continued to believe in human goodness and to express hope that one day she might live in a world without hate. On August 4, 1944, her family and friends were captured and sent to Auschwitz. Sadly, Anne died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, probably of typhus, several weeks prior to the camp's liberation.

Saturday, July 15, 1944: "It's difficult in times like these… ideals, dreams and cherished hopes rise within us, only to be crushed by grim reality.

It's a wonder I haven't abandoned all my ideals, they seem so absurd and impractical. Yet I cling to them because I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart. It's utterly impossible for me to build my life on a foundation of chaos, suffering and death. I see the world being slowly transformed into a wilderness, I hear the approaching thunder that, one day, will destroy us too, and I feel the suffering of millions. And yet, when I look up at the sky, I somehow feel that everything will change for the better that this cruelty too shall end, that peace and tranquillity will return once more. In the meantime, I must hold on to my ideals. Perhaps the day will come when I'll be able to realize them!" The Diary of a young girl by Anne Franke

"I wanted to go to school not so much to learn, but to eat the soup and not be frozen!" Chaim Cale, Age 13.

"Everyone was going in the same direction… rushing toward the same goal, the dirtiest, ugliest quarter of the city, a place with no sewers and paved with cobblestones…The Ghetto" Irena Aronowicz age 15 Spring 1940.

"Beautiful, sunny day today... When the sun shines, my mood is lighter. How sad life is. When we look at the fence separating us from the rest of the world, our souls, like birds in a cage, yearn to be free. Longing, breaks my heart, visions of the past come to me. Will I ever live in better times?" Anonymous girl diarist 7th March, 1942

These poems and children's drawings were hidden at Terezin Concentration Camp inside mattresses and stuffed in cracks between the walls of houses. They were recovered after the war. Many of these other poems and drawings are collected in a book which was published by the Holocaust Museum, "I Never Saw another Butterfly!"

 "I never saw another butterfly… the last, the very last, so richly, brightly, dazzling tallow. Perhaps if the sun’s tears sing against a white stone… such a yellow is carried lightly ‘way up high.’ It went away I’m sure because it wished to kiss the world goodbye. For seven weeks I’ve lived in here, penned up inside this ghetto, but I have found my people here. The dandelions call to me, and the white chestnut candles in the court. Only I never saw another butterfly! That butterfly was the last one… butterflies don’t live here in the ghetto." Pavel Friedman, June 1942

"Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee. Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily. For my days are consumed like smoke, and my bones are burned as an hearth." Psalm 102: 1- 5

Sadly, the Holocaust is also a Church issue - while Christianity on the whole was not perpetrators of the Holocaust… The Holocaust occurred in the most Christian part of the world… It occurred in the very eyes and heart of Christian Europe. Furthermore, while the hundreds of thousands of Nazis and their collaborators carried out the Holocaust, every Nazi and their collaborators (except their Muslim collaborators), had been baptized a Christian. Every Nazi had Christian parents, attended Christian Churches, heard Christian sermons, and went to Christian Sunday school. Nazis buried their relatives with Christian ceremonies. What this means, then, is that during the Nazi regime Christianity and Christians failed in their own deepest beliefs… Christians failed to love their neighbours. Christianity failed to help the weak, the lame, the blind, the child, or the stranger in its midst. In a word, when tested, Christianity – with exception to, all too few brave souls… showed no love, no compassion and no forgiveness – failed!  They were simply SILENT! Think about this... are we today witnessing that same SILENCE except for handful of brave souls - Pastors, Religious leaders and Churches?

"Purimfest 1946" - The Purim Link between Nazi Germany and Nuclear IranSomething unexpected happened at the execution of Julius Streicher, one of the high-ranking Nazis sentenced to death at the Nuremberg Trials.

Moments before Streicher was hanged in the early hours of October 16th 1946, Newsweek reported: He stared at the witnesses facing the gallows and shouted Purimfest, 1946? What did Streicher mean by this? Why would a condemned Nazi mention Purim in his last words? Streicher was obviously familiar with the Book of Esther, which tells of the attempted genocide Haman planned, and how, when his plans were thwarted and they were defeated and Haman and his ten sons were hanged. Streicher was acutely aware of the irony of history - that he was one of ten Nazis hanged after being sentenced at the Nuremberg Trials. (In fact, eleven had been sentenced to death but Goering committed suicide before his sentence was carried out.) And, so in the end ten were hanged, just like Haman’s ten sons in the Book of Esther.

Amazingly, Streicher saw the historic link between the Nazi genocide and the attempted genocide of Haman, who, like the Nazis, also intended to wipe out every Jew; man, woman and child. But there is an even deeper irony, which Streicher was certainly not aware of. The Book of Esther lists the names of Haman’s ten sons and according to the Jewish writings (Halachah), three of the letters in these names are written in smaller font than the rest of the text - a tav, a shin and a zayin - and one letter is written in larger font; a vav. What do these unusually sized letters signify? For generations many different explanations have been offered. In the 20th century, however, another amazing meaning was discovered. The large vav is numerically 6, corresponding to the sixth millennium; the small tav, shin and zayin are numerically 707; together, these numbers refers to the 707th year of the sixth millennium - in other words, the Jewish year 5707, which corresponds to 1946, the year in which these ten high-ranking Nazis were hanged. Thus, the unusually sized letters - vav, tav, shin and zayin - found in the names of Haman’s ten sons allude to the year of the execution of these ten Nazi war criminals. What is further fascinating is that they were sentenced on the 1st of October, in the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur of 1946, and hanged on the 16th of October, which that year came out on Hoshana Rabbah, which, according to the Jewish writings (Zohar), is the day that judgment of the world is finalized.

Since the Old Testament is God’s wisdom for all times, there are often things which cannot be properly understood until generations later. The differences in the font size of the letters in the list of Haman’s ten sons were not completely understood in previous generations. There were other explanations for it, but only in October 1946 did the full meaning of it become clear as ten Nazis were hanged in the Jewish year 5707; tav – shin – zayin!

And even in Israel’s current dangers, we can feel God’s presence and involvement. Julius Streicher, as he was being executed, saw with clarity the connection between the Nazi genocide and the attempted genocide planned by Haman. And now the very country in which Haman lived and in which the events of the Book of Esther took place… Persia? And, today is the very same country that today is called Iran, where the new Haman’s… the new Nazis, are proclaiming their intentions of genocide against the Jewish people. This ironic twist of history is so eerie and uncanny that it clearly shows us God’s presence in these events which affect the Jewish people and the world at large.

Yes, today Israel and the Jewish people are facing anti-Semitism at unprecedented levels since WW11… and it is decision time again for the Church… will we arise and stand up and for Israel and God’s chosen people? Or will we simply believe the lies of Islam, enemies of God and of Israel? Or will it be? "For Zion’s sake I will NOT be silent, For Jerusalem’s sake I will NOT Rest! (Isaiah 62:1)

Israel’s Independence was supernatural; a miracle... The establishment of the State of Israel actually began on November 29, 1947, when the United Nations Organization voted to partition the land of Palestine, as it was then called. Was that according to prophecy? Read Joel 3:1 - 2! The partitioning plan was to become effective one year from that date. However, the British Mandate came to an end and Palestine was left without law and order. The police, fire department and postal service disintegrated and everyone could do ‘that which was right in his own eyes.’ Conditions were explosive, but Jewish people have a faculty of meeting concerning every emergency. Their leaders called key men throughout the land to gather in Tel-Aviv. They went into an historic session that lasted all afternoon and far into the night. The outcome: "Israel’s Declaration of Independence." According to the Jewish calendar that was Iyar 5, 5708 (May 14th 1948). The new nation was immediately recognized by world powers and on May 11, 1949, was received as a member nation of the United Nations Organization.

Today the enemies of Israel still covet the land! As joyful as Israel’s Independence Day is for the Jewish people; it has a complete opposite effect on Arab and Muslim people and so they named May 14th, 1948 as ‘NAKBA Day,’ or "day of the catastrophe." Nakba meaning "catastrophe" in Arabic and has been embraced by anti-Semites all over the planet to refer to Israel’s creation, which supposedly imposed a "catastrophe" upon the "disenfranchised Palestinian Arabs. Of course, the real "catastrophe" that befell the Arabs in 1948-49 was that… they failed in their attempt to annihilate Israel and exterminate the Jewish people! The original "nakba" in 1920 had nothing to do with Jews and nothing to do with demands by Palestinian Arabs for self-determination, independence and state-hood. To the contrary, it had everything to do with the fact that the Palestinian Arabs saw themselves as Syrians. They rioted at this nakba ~ at this catastrophe because they found it deeply offensive the very idea that they should be independent from Syria and the Syrians.

In the 1920’s, the very suggestion that Palestinian Arabs constituted a separate ethnic nationality was enough to send those same Arabs out into the streets to murder and plunder violently in outrage. If they themselves insisted they were simply Syrians who had migrated to the Land of Israel… by what logic are the Palestinian Arabs deemed entitled to their own state today?

On page 312 of "The Arab Awakening," Antonius writes; "The year 1920 has an evil name in Arab annals: it is referred to as the Year of the Catastrophe (Am al-Nakba). It saw the first armed risings that occurred in protest against the post-War settlement imposed by the Allies on the Arab countries. In that year, serious outbreaks took place in Syria, Palestine, and Iraq."

 Yes, 1920, not 1948! That’s right, 1920 ~ when there was still NO Zionist state; NO Jewish sovereignty; NO "settlements" in "so called occupied territories" as there was NO "West Bank" it was simply called Judea and Samaria; NO Israeli Defence Forces; NO Israeli missiles and choppers targeting terror leaders and, NO Jewish control over Jerusalem (which had a Jewish demographic majority going back at least to 1850).

Palestinian Arabs are no more a nation and no more entitled to their own state than are Arabs in any other non-Arab country. The slogan "Filastin hi arduna, Wa al-Yahud kilabuna," – "Palestine is our land, and the Jews are our dogs," was first quoted in 1920 and continues to be quoted every year on 14th May, the so called Arab Nakba Day. Speaking of Palestinians as Syrians, it is worth noting what one of the early Syrian nationalists had to say.

The following quote comes from the great-grandfather of the current Syrian dictator, Bashar Assad: "Those good Jews brought civilization and peace to the Arab Muslims, and they dispersed gold and prosperity over Palestine without damage to anyone or taking anything by force. Despite this, the Muslims declared holy war against them and did not hesitate to massacre their children and women…. Thus a black fate awaits the Jews and other minorities in case the Mandates are cancelled and Muslim Syria is united with Muslim Palestine."

The statement in support of Zionism is from a letter sent to the French Prime Minister in June, 1936 by six Syrian Alawi notables (the Alawis are the ruling class in Syria today and Bashar’s great-grandfather was one of them).

May 14th is the anniversary of the birth of the state of Israel. For Jews, it represents the end of the longest occupation in the history of the world.  And as mentioned, Palestinians commemorate this day as "NAKBA" day, the day of the disaster; portraits of "suffering refugees" and demands for "Justice" against "Zionist racism" adorned by pro-Palestinian Web sites, advertisements, posters and leaflets. They remind us that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict did not begin with the 1967 Six Day War.

To the embarrassment of the United Nations, the Israeli seat of Government was moved… from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. A clause in the Petitioning Plan specifically stated that the entire city of Jerusalem was to be an International City and that was a remarkable fulfilment of the Lord’s Words in Luke 21:24.

Is this all according to Prophecy? YES! "I will bless them that bless thee (Israel)"… In fulfilment closely related to the next clause… "And curse him that curseth thee (Israel)!" Genesis 12… wonderfully fulfilled in the history of the Jews dispersion. It has invariably fared ill with the people who have persecuted the Jew and well with those who have protected him. The future will still more remarkably prove this principle! (Deuteronomy 30: 7; Isaiah. 14: 1 – 2; Joel 3:1 - 8; Micah 5:7 - 9; Haggai 2: 22; Zechariah 14: 1 - 3; Matthew 25: 40, 45) Schofield's Reference Bible first published in 1909.

The clearest Prophecy regarding the re-gathering is to be found in Ezekiel 36 and 37. Remember, this Prophecy was written about 2,500 years ago. God said through the prophet: "I scattered them among the heathen (Gentile nations) and they were dispersed through the countries." (Ezekiel 36: 19) (It was God who scattered them!) The final dispersion took place in AD 70 when the Gentile Roman General Titus savagely conquered Jerusalem, destroyed the Second Temple, and scattered the people of Israel. They became the term, "wandering Jew." That prophecy also reveals both the heart and faithfulness of God (Ezekiel 21:24) (And, it is God who brought them back!)

Israel’s National Anthem, HaTikvah... The word "hope" first appears in the Bible in the Book of Ruth – Jew and Gentile coming together… the hope of Israel! How wonderful that we have lived to see the hope of Israel’s national anthem being fulfilled! HaTikvah means "The Hope." That stirring anthem contains nine stanzas which speak the longing for Zion and the desire of Jews to return to their ancient homeland.  The chorus is: "Yet our HOPE not lost; the ancient hope; to dwell in the land in the land of our fathers; in the city where David encamped." Israel’s true hope is NOT just the hope to dwell in the land, or in Science today - but it is all part of God’s plan for His Covenant people. The Messiah is their true HOPE, but with Job they are saying; "...Where is now my hope. Who will see my hope?" (Job 17:15) Israel’s heart will continue to be sick (Proverbs 13:12) until they say with David of old, "Lord, what wait I for? My hope is in thee." (Psalm 39:7)

"But You, O Jehovah, shall dwell forever, and Your memory to generation and generation… You shall arise; have mercy on Zion, for the time to pity her, yea, the appointed time has come…!" Psalm 102:12-14

Israel's hope in God's mercy is also our hope for God's MERCY for the Church. When Israel suffers  - then the Church (the Bride of Christ) suffers! 2024 will certainly be a year that will reveal everything!

We hope that you enjoy and become more informed by our work. We serve an awesome God and we are humbled by this opportunity to bring you this information.

Alf & Julie Saunders

02nd January, 2024

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