Prayer is the forerunner of mercy.

"Prayer makes the darkened clouds withdraw ...Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw ...Gives exercise to faith and love ...Brings every blessing from above!" Charles Spurgeon


... Pray4Zion is making a difference with the LOVE of GOD in Northern Israel where the Lord has placed us:

  • By providing for WIDOWS and ORPHANS, Children's Centres not only in Northern Israel but throughout Israel.  
  • By helping the Needy Families in Northern Israel with Basic Needs and dentistry, Pre-school and School children in need, through the local Messianic Congregation. Many have made Aliyah (immigration - returned to Israel) and are struggling to make ends meet but have obeyed the voice of God, returning by faith to their God-given, Promised Land, ISRAEL.
  • By providing necessary help to Children suffering from CANCER ...and TRAUMA caused by terror & War.
  • By Supporting HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS as many are in need of medical ...and struggle with basic living provisions and have no family. 
  • By Supporting IDF Soldiers with care packages and fleecy lined jackets for winter.
  • By encouraging churches and Christians in South Africa and across the world to pray for ISRAEL ...and to come on tour ...and support Israel in her hour of need. As the dark cloud of Anti-Semitism is once again rising against Israel... who will stand in the gap as the WATCHMEN ON THE WALL...? Only those Bible believing, radical Christians! We encourage you to read and study our "Recent Articles" - "Newsletter Study Articles" - "Feasts and other Articles" ...and allow God to use you for as an instrument of peace for the Land of Israel and to support the Jewish people.
  • PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION to help. We are humbly grateful and thankful that God lead you to this page. ~~CLICK HERE: (Donations/ Paypal Secure Donations).


Bless the Children...

We are "driven" towards blessing the children in Northern Israel, where God has placed us.
Pray 4 Zion has undertaken to donate on a monthly basis BY FAITH towards - being a blessing to children suffering from CANCER in Israel.  With the help of our 'Partners' we can continue to contribute finanancially towards fulfilling their "dreams" and contribute to the children taken on excursions to enjoy holidays at the sea ...and to receive receive more specialized treatment.  God has never once let us down over the years and have seen His Hand of provision in amazing ways! Thank You for supporting this cause.

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