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For Overseas Donations use PAYPAL:

Now you can donate to Pray4Zion through Paypal: ~~CLICK HERE  

Paypal is a secure, confidential and very easy way to Donate.  All donations are confidential and Pray4Zion does not request or receive your bank details. Your Donation details are confidential. Just reference your name and where you would like the donation (optional) as we would like to thank you!


For all our South African partners kindly donate by (EFT) or at your local bank as follows:


Bank Account Number: 4068586977

Oakdene (Johannesburg) Branch Code: 632005

# Kindly reference your name when making a donation as Pray4Zion is fully Tax Exempt !


Please Note: For Overseas Donations through your Bank use by SWIFT  please use the above Account Number and SWIFT Code: ABSAZAJJ, Sort Code; ZA632005

Please note that for donations from England: use Swift by 'Sending a Relay Payment Abroad' using all the details above. The process should take only 5 working days and can be done from any Bank in the UK.

Pray4Zion Supports the needy in Israel and Israel continues to need friends like you!


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