Effects of Blood Moons - Tetrad & Shemitah!

Shalom Partner and Friend of Israel,

"The Sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and awesome day of the Lord. And, it shall come to pass that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Joel 2:31-32

At Pentecost the Apostle Peter quoted this same passage in reference to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and in Acts, the Apostle Peter repeats that verse from Joel …and in Revelation 6:12 it warns us that the "moon will become like blood" during the Great Tribulation. Centuries later that same passage is once again connected but this time to End Times …and the Spirit of God preceding the return of the Lord in an event that the Bible calls, "great and awesome day of the Lord!" ‘Awesome’ here is meant as to fear, be afraid of, terrible, astounding, overwhelming feeling of reverence or just mind-boggling!

Billy Graham in his book, "The Reason for My Hope" says… "What a time to take the news of the day and the Bible in the other hand and watch the unfolding of the great drama of ages come together. This is an exciting and thrilling time to be alive. It is not just Christians that sense something is about to happen. The world knows that things cannot go on as they are. History has reached an impulse. This world is on a collision course. Something is about to give! With frequency the comments from secular media speak of Armageddon!"

Yeshua (Jesus) warned in the days before His return that there will be stunning signs on earth (Matthew 24:4-28) and in the heavens (Luke 21:25). Other biblical prophets predicted celestial signs in the heavens of Christ’s Second Coming. Based on these prophecies and NASA past history of when Blood Moons had occurred previously, we are able to maintain that an astronomical event in our days, of the four blood moon (lunar eclipses) – tetrad that something very big is coming that will change the world forever. The importance here is that they appear concurrently on two Jewish Feast days or High Holy days, Passover and Tabernacles. God is getting ready to change the course of human history and align the world with what is about to take place soon. It’s God’s prophetic calendar and it can happen at any time. We must align ourselves with the Word of God, and our lifestyles with the Kingdom of God and with Israel which is in the heart of God. Everything seems to be aligning together for future prophetic battles that the Bible has warned us about. Those who know their God will be strong! Christians persecuted… According to Open Doors - 322 Christians are killed, many beheaded by ISIS and other radical Islamic groups each month, 214 Churches, Biblical sites and properties are destroyed, 772 Forms of violence are committed against Christians such as beatings, abductions, rapes, arrests, children molested and abused or forced into marriages. 100 Million Christians around the world in more than 40 nations are currently suffering and especially in the Middle East where radical Islam is on the rise. This is undoubtedly going to increase!

The sun, moon, stars and earth are all controlled by God Almighty …and He is the one setting them in alignment on a certain day and time and are always over Passover or Sukkot (Tabernacles)… Feasts of the Lord! For example; in the past the rare appearance of Blood Moons (Tetrad) on these feast days has coincided with major events for Israel and the Jewish people; in 1492, Spain expelled the Jews, Columbus also discovered America, which became a safe haven for the Jewish people. In each of these blood moons you have something that begins with tragedy and ends in triumph, just as in the case when in 1948; Israel was reborn as a nation… a nation “born in a day” after 2,000 years, and God supernaturally brought them back from 66 nations to the Land of Israel. In 1967, against all odds, Israel won the Sixth Day War and recaptured Jerusalem and for the first time in 2,000 years Jerusalem and the State of Israel were united as one again.

The unusual or rare blood moons– tetrad of lunar eclipses corresponding with the Feasts of the Lord, Jewish Feast dates, began with Passover of April 2014 and will end with last blood moon occurring on the Feast of Tabernacles on the 28th September, 2015 …around which time Israel will also be celebrating the end of the Shemitah (Sabbath Year) on the evening of 12th through to evening of 13th September …and, then the new cycle of seven years will begin all over again. This year the end of the Shemitah is also very important …as it marks the end of a 7 times 7 so it is also the 49th year and thus a Jubilee (50th) Year begins on Yom Kippur – Day of Atonement, on the 23rd September.

The Biblical record for the Jubilee Calendar dates back to the time of Moses... A jubilee Year occurs at the end of every 49 years. It is said that most people in their lifetime would have the privilege of experiencing a Jubilee Year Feast – only once since it only occurs every 50 years! The next Jubilee Year will occur in the year 2065. There have been 30 Jubilees from the time of Moses to the time of Christ (49X30 =1470 Years). According to the early Church father, Eusebius of Caesarea, Yeshua was born 2 BC and 28-29 AD marked the beginning of His ministry. 30 AD was a Jubilee year when the Lord proclaimed, “freedom to the captives,” (Isaiah 61). Yeshua (Jesus) ministry spanned over four “Passovers!” After His first Passover (John 2:13) and before His third Passover (John 6:4), Yeshua said; “Do you not say, It is yet four months, and the harvest comes? Behold, I say to you, Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are white to harvest already,” John 4:35. Passover precedes the harvest which occurred at Pentecost, fifty days later (Leviticus 23:5, 15). The Lord must have made this statement in January or February, 31 AD. Following this, but before Yeshua’ (Jesus) third Passover, was an unnamed feast (John 5:1) which most probably was “Passover” so this confirmed that another year had passed. This is further substantiated by Luke 6:1, which tells the story of the disciples plucking and eating ripened heads of grain. This harvest season was too long after Yeshua’s baptism in 29 AD to belong to the Passover of 30 AD. At the same time it preceded the Passover of 32 AD (John 6:4). We know this because the disciples plucking the ears of grain occurred well before the feeding of the five thousand (Luke 9:10-17), which immediately preceded the Passover of 32 AD since the harvest must belong to that of 31 AD. The fourth Passover is that in which Yeshua (Jesus) died, 33 AD (John 13:1; 19:28). Most often, Passover would occur in the fourth month though it can also occur in the last half of March and in leap years a month later.

Shemitah Year events of the 20th Century - The rising up and the falling of empires:

1917… America rises to power ending World War 1 and the rising of the Communist State of the Soviet Union (Russia).

1917… The defeat of Germany; The fall of the Czar of Russia; The fall of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire; The fall of the Turkish – Ottoman Empire.

1938… German Nazi’s attack Jewish businesses and burn Jewish Synagogues on Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass).

1945… Nazi Germany is defeated; the atomic bomb is dropped on Japan thus ending World War 2; Japan signs peace treaty the same week of the end of the Shemitah Year.

1945… United States becomes a military super-power; the US Dollar becomes the world’s standard currency; United States is the richest country in the world, and the world’s largest lender nation.

1973… The United States Supreme Court declares that American’s can kill their un-born babies (legal abortion).

1973… The World Trade Centre is completed which is a symbol of America’s economic strength.

1973… America looses its first war to Vietnam. Nixon takes America off the Gold standard. This sets in motion the decline of the US Dollar.

1980… The United States Supreme Court bans the posting of the 10 Commandments in public schools, thus God is now completely banned from public schools in America.

2001… The World Trade Centre buildings (symbols of America’s economic strength) are destroyed by an Islamic terrorist attack. One week later Wall Street has one of its largest collapses on the last day of the Jewish Shemitah Year.

2008… Exactly seven years later, Wall Street suffers its largest decline. America is now the world’s largest debtor nation.

2014/2015… In September of 2014 we started a new Shemitah Year. This happens in connection with the four blood moons that all occur on Jewish Feasts days. As the United States has turned away from God and endorsed many sins it is very possible that God’s judgment will fall on America during the Year of Shemitah. (Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s book, The Mystery of the Shemitah)

Three blood moons have already occurred… two in 2014 (Passover and Tabernacles), and one has also occurred this year on Passover, 04th April, 2015. A total eclipse appeared on the 20th March, 2015 and a partial eclipse will occur on the 13th September this year on the Feast of Trumpets but will only be visible over South Africa with the maximum view in Johannesburg according to NASA and during this partial eclipse, the moon covers only parts of the sun. The fourth and final blood moon will occur on the Feast of Tabernacles, 28th September, 2015. Interesting to note here is that in 2014 only two blood moons have occurred …but in 2015 there are two blood moons and two eclipses, one total and one partial… so we can expect that second half of 2015 will be more intense!

"If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land," 2 Chronicles 7:15.

During 2014 the following major notable events have taken place… Ebola Outbreaks – July 2014; Few people noticed when the outbreaks of Ebola were officially declared in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone perhaps because it wasn’t the first time since it first appeared in 1976. However, what was different this time, compared to previous outbreaks which seldom exceeded a few dozen deaths and never more than three hundred …brought countries to attention as hundreds of people were affected and isolated cases began to appear in Europe and the U.S.

Nigerian School children abducted on the 29th April, 2014 by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram…. On the 29th June, 2015 more than a year later it was reported by BBC News (confirmed by Amnesty International) that these schoolgirls have been brainwashed and forced to fight on behalf of this terrorist Jihadists group, even though many are Christians. They were told that they had to obey their husbands who were giving their "blood" for a cause and must also go to war for Allah! Boko Haram has been trying to establish an Islamic State in the region and have killed some 5,000 civilians in Nigeria since 2014. These young girls were repeatedly and painfully raped and those who refused marriage would have their throats cut in front of the rest of the girls. Christian men were killed by making them lay down and the girls cut their throats, according to Miriam, and escapee. Exposing the girls to extreme violence seems to be a strategy to strip the girls from their identity and any form of humanity so that they could accept this evil Islamic ideology. Boko Haram and ISIS like all other Jihadists are from the same evil and poisonous tree!

In 2014 terrorism increased rapidly …and in 2015 expands… ISIS seized large regions of land on the 10th June, 2014 and declared a Caliphate and on 30th June, 2014 the world’s most wanted Jihadists, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, named himself; ‘Caliph Ibrahim’ and leader of Islamic State (ISIS). On the 01st February, 2014 before the surge of ISIS, one of Lebanon’s Salafi/Wahabi leaders with close links to Al-Qaeda warned that the next target of the terrorist group after Syria is Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and finally leading to the United States.

The leader of ISIS which is an offshoot of Al-Qaeda’s plan is not only to attach the Sinai to the “Levant” but he wants to link the whole region of the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe to make a new emirate which will then turn to a bigger one and go round the earth to reach the White House. ISIL/ISIS since entering Syria as Al-Qaeda’s main branch to fight against the Syrian army and topple the government now controls large parts of northern Syria and Iraq where the war is still fervently raging on! On the 01st of July, 2015, ISIS affiliates in Sinai claimed it was responsible for a series of attacks on military outposts where 30 soldiers were killed. Hamas terrorist group and off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood assisted ISIS in the attack.  With Hamas now attached to ISIS there is no escaping another Gaza war which is on the horizon …but this time Egypt will also be involved as they share a common interest with Israel in stopping ISIS!

“Then the LORD will appear over them; And His arrow will go forth like lightning; the Lord GOD will sound the trumpet and will march forth in the whirlwinds of the south,” Zechariah 9:14. God will manifestly appear over His people Israel and be seen by them and be with them …BUT His arrow (judgement) will be swift, to their enemies, irresistible and sudden. And, as lightening (arrows of God - Habakkuk 3:11) that breaks forth with violence and runs from east to west in a moment …the Lord God, the God of Israel, shall give the alarm to them and sound the call of the trumpet in an allusion to the “Jubilee Trumpet” proclaiming liberty to His people Israel and restoration of their land and inheritance …and a trumpet to proclaim war against the enemies of His people (Numbers 10:9) and to bring them together to the south (Isaiah 21:1) in which they will find the mightiest winds have been raised. God is Israel’s protector (2 Chronicles 13:12)!

Malaysia MH17 Airplane with 298 passengers on board was shot down over Ukraine on the 17th July, 2014… contrary to the Obama Administration’s public claims blaming eastern Ukrainian rebels and Russia for the shoot-down of the plane, some US intelligence, Robert Parry on the 3rd of August, 2014 and analysts have concluded that the rebels and Russia were NOT at fault and it appears Ukrainian government forces were to blame. There was no U.S. evidence to the claims made by Kerry and Obama and were all fabricated to bring Europe into putting more sanctions on Russia and blamed it on Russian aggression!”

The Shemitah comes once every seven years and in Biblical Israel it brought a cancelling of debts (Deuteronomy 15:1-2)… a resting of the land from sowing and reaping, and a re-settling of financial accounts. The seven year Shemitah Cycle was meant to be a blessing as long as the Israelites followed God and observed His ways …but it could manifest as judgement if the nation turned to its own devices and removed God from its culture and legal system!  With this in mind we need to keep watching the Shemitah year as it grinds down towards its climax on the 13th September, 2015.

A Financial collapse ahead....? Oil prices to historical lowest in four years on the 17th November, 2014…sent tremors through the capitals of great oil powers and had economic forecasters worried. One of the falling crude oil prices was the effect on Russia’s economy. On the 15th January, 2015 Switzerland decided to decouple the Swiss Franc from the Euro resulting in billions of dollars in losses for large banks and currency holders. So when the next financial crisis does arrive, most people will be absolutely blindsided by it especially those who simply choose to ignore the signs. On the 29th June, the Dow fell to 350; it’s lowest in two years because of the Greek crisis. Greece economy collapsed on the 30th June, 2015 and all their banks were shut only allowing a mere 60 Euros a day to be withdrawn at an ATM. The Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras is a confessing Communist and Atheist with a far leftist government. Puerto Rico with debt of 72 billion dollars, as well as Ukraine is also threatening to default on their debt if not bailed out by their creditors.

America’s apostasy from God has accelerated with US President Obama’s decision on the 26th June, 2015 regarding legalizing gay and lesbian marriage throughout the nation! Ironically, on the 30th June, 2015 a rare surprise blood moon appeared in the sky that was only seen in the USA. On the 24th June, 2015 Obama issued …”19 secret laws (directives)” that the US must obey (US today)… what is he planning and why wont he let the public in on this? Without a doubt the US is overdue for another major financial collapse that will make the collapse of 2008 look like a picnic …but unfortunately the dollar collapsing will be affected world-wide! Things have been so quiet in the financial world for so long that people have been sucked into a false sense of security. At this time there are four confessing Atheist World Leaders; French, Greek, Czech Republic and Croatia). We must put our faith in God alone!

In 1871, the U.S. surpassed Britain as the strongest economic power on earth. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), China’s economy has now for the first time surpassed that of the United States and now claims distinction of being the world’s largest economy even though they too, in July 2015, had a full blown stock market crash.  The loss of paper wealth that has been lost in China is 15 times greater than that of the GDP of Greece. America’s crown as the strongest economic power was removed according the October 2014 report by Business insider. On the 08th July, 2015 …the New York Stock exchange, United Airlines and Wall Street Journal were all taken down by “unexpected” technical glitches! The word Shemitah can mean “fall” and that alone would constitute one of the greatest falls of a once great nation, America.

Communist Cuba relations restored with the United States on the 18th December, 2014 and then on the 01st July, 2015, as US President Obama announced that Cuba was restoring full diplomatic relations, reopening embassies in Washington and Havana after more than five decades, Cuba was once again demanding the USA return Guantanamo to the country. “We don’t have to be “imprisoned” by the past,” Obama said from White House. Why is this important…? It will affect everyone not only America…. If this is their real motive and Obama is by-passing US Congress through this diplomatic move by adhering to this “so-called demand” … and since Obama had been advocating the closure of Guantanamo (Gitmo) for some time, and has been releasing very dangerous terrorists without the US Congress anyway …we WILL see ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other radical Islamist terrorist groups becoming even more empowered.

2015 was declared by ISIS, “the year of the caliphate”… On the 26th June, 2015 three countries were attacked by the Salafi Muslim terrorist group, ISIS. Two armed men waving ISIS flags and shouting Islamic slogans rammed a car into an American owned Gas factory in Grenoble, where a large Jewish population lives in Southern France. They set of bombs and injured ten people, decapitated a man and hung his severed head on a factory gate with Arabic writing on the black ISIS flag. On this same day ISIS terrorist gunmen opened fire on two beach-front hotel tourist beaches in Tunisia, killing 27 people. We are also reminded here of the purest form of evil and savagery. Let’s not forget the deadly attack on the 07th January, 2015 in France by terrorists on the Charlie Hebdo Magazine and the Jewish Kosher Supermarket. ISIS bombed a Shiite mosque in Kuwait as a suicide bomber blew him up killing 16 people and wounding dozens more. It came during the Muslim month of Ramadan and this was not the first attack against Shiite mosques as Saudi Arabia was also attacked by these terrorist savages. Isn’t it just ironic that on the 26th June, 2015 …the very same day that these ISIS terrorist attacks happened that the United States Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriages for homosexual gay men and lesbian woman are now the law of the land forcing all 50 states to legally recognize this law and striking down the 13 States that previously opposed same-sex marriage saying that marriage was between man and woman, according to God’s Word! This will most certainly bring persecution to Christians wanting to live according to God’s Word! “Then you shall again see the difference between the righteous and the wicked, between him who serves God, and him who does not serve Him,” Malachi 3:18.

For the West, it can be difficult to distinguish one radical Muslim from another! What are the differences between Salafi’s and the Muslim brotherhood? Are they really all that different? And, why do Western governments seem to favour …and even partner with the Muslim Brotherhood-backed groups? We must remember every Muslim follows the Quran no matter whether considered moderate or radical …and their ties are based upon the teachings of Muhammad… some more strictly than others but still same teachings! To every Muslim, Christians and Jews are considered apostates and unbelievers. There is no such thing that we as Christians follow the same God! Allah is neither Yahweh nor Yeshua (Jesus) but is a pagan moon god and the two cannot be combined. The Bible is not the Quran …although Scriptures, prophets, and other Biblical facts were stolen from the Bible then an altered version placed in their Muslim Quran. Jerusalem is not even mentioned once in their Quran either!

 Salafism is the most radical sect of Islam and is also now the world’s fastest growing terrorist threat gaining a dangerous foothold in Europe Salafism is based on radical Saudi Wahabism and is funded by Saudi Arabia which is also behind the explosive growth in new mosques in the West. Salafists were an integral element of the so-called “Arab spring” which is now fast becoming the “Arab winter!” Salafi’s are fundamentalists who believe in a return to the 7th century and original ways of Islam. This extreme radical Muslim group is overly anti-Western and aims to bring the world under the submission of Islam under Shariah law. The word “Salafi” comes from the Arabic phase ‘as-salaf- as-saliheen which refers to the first three generations of Muslims and Muhammad - the visionary founder of Islam (Sura 33:21) …and even commanded his followers not to shave their beards in so doing will be different from non-Muslims. Salafi Muslim Islamists are now deeply entrenched in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. The 100-year Sunni based Salafi school of thought aspires to emulate the ways of their prophet Muhammad and are easily recognizable with their long white robes, long beards and flowing head scarves (like Bin Laden) and are socially and religiously conservative in their beliefs. These dangerous Islamic fundamental Muslims believe in the purer form of Islam, stripped of cultural and national associations and lack of political involvement with the West making them especially popular with ignorant new Western converts and are even in universities. It is the predominant form of Sunni Islam in the Arabian Peninsula, where most people are Wahabi’s subscribing to far-right interpretation of Salafism. This radical Islamist terrorist group is even found in Britain and on the rise in China …and in Egypt there are estimated 5-6 million out of 82 million people.

How organized are they…? They are well prepared today and use modern social media for their propaganda and recruitment of ignorant young people, sending out 100,000 twitter accounts each day with intention of reaching out to anyone wishing to join their evil cause with the promise for young men of sexual rewards. Though they want to form a 7th Century Islamic Caliphate they use modern western technology to accomplish their goal and to pursue their attacks based upon their ideology and connection to radical groups such as ISIS, making them extremely dangerous. There is no moderation in Salafism and is a very strict interpretation of Islam and identify with each other in radical mosques and Madrassas (schools of Islamic law). Their attitude to both non-Muslims and Muslims that don’t agree with them is extremely brutal and harsh. Today the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi’s aided by Saudi Arabia and Turkey figure prominently in Syria! For years they have been quiet as they imitate Muhammad who did this when he was politically weak! Salafi Muslim extremists have been the forefront of every attack on Christians!

The Vatican signed a historical treaty recognizing the “State of Palestine” on Friday, 26th June, 2015... Pope Francis signed this treaty himself and is the first legal document negotiated between “the Holy See” and Abbas of the Palestine Liberation Organization and constitutes an official recognition of a “Palestinian State!” The Palestinian Arab’s celebrated this vote as a milestone in their quest for international recognition. By taking this one-sided step the Vatican has damaged relations with Israel. The Pope will also be visiting the U.S. in September, 2015 and during the time of the “Fall Feasts” and this is certainly going to be something to watch since during this time he will be meeting with U.S. President Obama as well as the U.N. On 08th July, 2015, the Pope has also called for the “creation of a NEW economic ecological WORLD ORDER where the goods of the earth are shared by everyone not just exploited by the rich.” So what exactly will this New World Order look like…? Time will tell!

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars. And on the earth will be anxiety of nations with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; men fainting from fear, and expecting those things which have come on the earth. For the powers of the heavens shall be shaken, Luke 21:25-26

The Star of Bethlehem…. On the 30th June, 2015 a rare conjunction (planet groupings) of Venus and Jupiter called “the Star of Bethlehem” occurred for the first time in 2,000 years resulting in a dazzling, bright, spectacular sight in the Western skies to watch. A similar rare occurrence, according to NASA, is believed to have happened during 3 BC and 2 BC. Like final pieces of the jigsaw puzzle first on the 12th August, 3 BC, Jupiter and Venus appeared very close together just before sunrise, appearing as “bright morning stars” and would have been visible in the eastern dawn sky of the Middle East. The final piece came together ten months later, on 17th June, 2 BC as Venus and Jupiter joined up again in the constellation of Leo and this time the planets were so close that they looked like one single, brilliant star. Jupiter was known as the “planet of Kings” and Saturn as the “protector of the Jews.” This could easily have been interpreted that the Jewish Messiah had been or was about to be born (Matthew 2:9-10). Also, Leo was thought to denote royalty and power during those times. Since the birth of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) there has not been a brighter or closer planetary conjunction until the 30th June, 2015 and was indeed a great privilege to be part of the generation to see and experience this phenomenon. In Hebrew the word for “Venus” is “Nogah” and means “splendour” and the word for “Jupiter” is “Tzaddik” meaning “Righteous!” The two planets joined together in the star “Regulus” constellation of Leo, “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.” Jupiter and Venus are two of the brightest planets and the distance between the planet Jupiter and Venus reduced by half the distance apart from each other when Jupiter passed directly above Venus and as the two stars emerged together looking extremely bright and brilliant double-star in the night sky just as the wise men would have seen 2,000 years ago leading them to the place where Yeshua was born. What does this mean for us…? Does this mean signs of the end are beginning to unfold…? Is it a time of joy and suffering, or both…? Time will tell as all the pieces of a Biblical puzzle fall into place!

Nuclear deal threat between America and Iran…! Just like the Book of Esther once again we witnessing Persia (Iran) wanting to annihilate the Jews. With every passing day the centrifuges are allowed to spin as Iran is now closer to bringing the world to a “no return” of having a nuclear bomb and waging a nuclear holocaust against Israel. The Iranian Foreign Minister, together with Kerry, E.U. - Susan Ashton, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China smiling ear to ear  as they posed for the camera’s on the 14th July, 2015 announcing that the “deal has been reached!” The US Congress now has 60 days to pass this deal, taking into account from date the deal was passed 14th July gives us 17 days left for July, plus 31 for August = 48 days plus 12 in September = 60, which brings us to the last day of the Shemitah Year, 12/13th September and also falls on the last solar eclipse in the Blood Moon Tetrad. Obama and Iran may get their short-lived victory… BUT ultimately God is speaking through signs, blood moons, eclipses and stars and as we approach the final blood moon on the 28th September, 2015 – God will have the final say! “(Zechariah 14:12) China and Russia have self-interest (as does the US Obama Administration) and darker motives for wanting this deal whilst the rest perhaps believe in leaving a sort of utopian pipe dream account of being able to do this on their watch.  The Obama and Kerry nuclear deal with Iran has been shrouded in secrecy for months and is still unclear with only a broad outline. Iran is the world’s largest terrorist threat …not only to Israel, America but to the world. Iran’s “supreme leader” simply hates the West, Christians and Jews and is not doing this deal because they have our best interests at heart… rather they want to become a nuclear power with a bomb to destroy Israel and then every form of Western society and bring the word into submission of the Shariah law of Islam.

Is there a big event on the horizon…? Something big is about to happen soon and many Christians can just feel this in the spirit and even un-believers are talking about something ominous heading our way. We living in the most dangerous but privileged time of world history as the “signs of the end” are before us.  Will this nuclear deal be a tragedy? Will there be a global financial collapse? Will there be a war in the Middle East around the last blood moon in September or the coming months after? One of the greatest prophetic fulfilments in 2,000 years still lies just ahead of us when a “peace agreement” between Israeli’s and Palestinians will be agreed upon. When will it be reached? The rest of 2015 is going to be very interesting as things promise only to get stranger from now on …Only time will tell as we wait the coming of our Lord and stir within our hearts a readiness for that awesome day! Maranatha Yeshua!

God IS watching to see how the nations are treating His people. God will have mercy on Israel through Gentile believers acting as mediators towards them… This is one of the most amazing revelations ever given to the church – an opportunity to do something that carries the highest priority in the heart of God. Yet… sadly, so few have seen the potential and the rewards of serving God in this manner, as agents of mercy to Israel and the Jewish people! Israel was and still is despised today… and a despisable nation continually turning away from God but nothing ever altered the purpose of God for that nation. The despised element is always a noticeable element in the purpose of God. When the Saviour of the world came, He came of that despised nation; like IsraelHe Himself was “despised and rejected by men,” …and there is that despised element, “things that are despised God has chosen,” 1 Corinthians 1:28. Now more than at any time is the time to support Israel and the Jewish people… the Lord’s Brethren!

We hope that you enjoy and become more informed by our work. We serve an awesome God and we are humbled by this opportunity to bring you this information. With Shalom to you and your family always,

Alf & Julie Saunders

01st August, 2015

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