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Pray 4 Zion - supporting Northern Israel

For a time such as this!

Dear Friend,

Alf & Julie Saunders who love the Lord and people are the Founders and Directors of the new exciting Non-Profit Organization Registration Number: 056-341 called Pray4Zion. They have tremendous experience of working in areas of disaster and especially with the support of victims and in counseling children affected by the trauma of the disaster's aftermath.

How it all began!

Already living in Turkey at the time of the two devastating earthquakes of 1999 their compassion for people led them to live and work with the victims in the areas where the epicenters occurred. They gave up living in their apartment in Ankara and for 3 years lived in a 3X7 meter container home to live and work amongst the suffering people there.

Imagine this?

In less than one minute the lives of thousands of people changed! In one minute families lost loved ones! In one minute children were crying looking for their parents; some trapped and some were left orphaned! In less than one minute homes were reduced to rubble. In one minute businesses were gone and so too family income and jobs. And it took less than one minute!
Imagine the Tsunami of anguish and despair that set in just at the same time as the aftershocks continued to come. When drinking water mingled with sewerage and rich and poor waited in the same queues for donations of bottled drinking water and food to survive.

It was during very difficult times and their obedience to the Lord that enabled them early in 2000 to help establish a HOPE Center in the severally affected and heart of the town of the second epicenter on the Black Sea. The Center became an Oasis to the needy, a comfort to the hurting and a temporary learning center and in addition English Second Language classes to assist students make up on their grades and to obtain a University entrance. They stepped in to be a blessing at the hour of need and so the Hope Center operated for more than three years with many dreams restored and lives changed. They stayed in Turkey for six and half years working in difficult and challenging times until their move to the East of Turkey which changed everything and they had to leave the country through political and unforeseen circumstances.
Upon their return to their home country South Africa the Lord began to prepare them for a time such as this.
Timely for Northern Israel! 2007 - God raises Pray4Zion.

With the present crisis in the Middle East Alf and Julie feel that it is essential for them to establish a similar operation in Northern Israel and in particular the Golan Heights. They feel the burden for the areas that were affected by the recent Israel / Lebanon war of 2006. They realize how important it is to be established and readily available for any future events or war that may occur in this very unstable region, they have committed themselves to go live in Northern Israel and be prepared to help the people living there.

Imagine this?

You can be a part of this new exciting ministry! By providing financially you get the same blessings. Any donations made to Pray 4 Zion, are tax deductible when quoting the Official Registration Number. Our website is being setup so you will be able to send your donation by Internet Banking and with this new exciting website we are able to keep you up-to-date on all developments. We need your prayers and financial support!

Psalm 122:6-9 "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. For my brethren and companions sakes, I will now say, Peace be within thee. Because of the house of the LORD our God I will seek thy good."

The main focus at present is to bring hope to Israel and your donation/s no matter how big or small can make the difference. A price cannot be set for a life and let's together be prepared to help Israel in her time of need. Experience has taught Alf & Julie that by being readily available, prepared with on hand assistance is much better than waiting for a disaster to happen and then to send the help. If they weren't already living in Turkey when the 1999 devastating earthquakes struck then they would not have been able to assist in the way that they did; immediately after the disaster. It was estimated that more than 25,000 people had lost their lives in those earthquakes. More than 50,000 buildings were completely destroyed and 100,000 people left homeless.

You say, "Can I make a difference?"  We say most definitely You can make a difference! Each person that gives financially to the plight of others will be blessed.
We are committed to the cause and to be readily available to assist in Northern Israel in its time of dire need. In the meantime: there is so much we can do to help those that have already been adversely affected by the recent war of 2006. Repair homes that were damaged, assisting families that are in need financially by providing basic living supplies, help innocent children that are in need of counseling and care etc. All of this takes finances and nothing can be done without your support. Psalm 102:13
We assure you that all funds received will be used solely for this purpose.

You say, "What's in it for me?" By partnering with us in this exciting new and generous giving (2 Cor 9:11-12) you get to be a part of God's plan of restoring Israel (Isaiah 14:1-2) and its people the 'apple of His eye'. As we are a registered Non-Profit Organization so you will also benefit from Tax rebate on your giving.

You say, "How much should I give?" Only you can determine the amount! We say it's a heart condition. Check what is your heart saying to you. The amount given will determine the amount of people that will be blessed and how soon we will raise the initial set-up costs to reach the villages and towns in Northern Israel we would need a vehicle, rental for premises etc. There is so much to do and what we need to do we must do quickly!

Think on this! Drops of rain pooled together flow into streams, dams, reservoirs, rivers and finally the sea. Every drop of rain counts and together it blesses as it flows its course and towards its final goal. We have broken giving it into two areas:

1) Mercy Drops: Giving when you can and how much and whenever you are able to.

2) Showers of blessings: Committed continuous giving on a regular basis.

Both are essential.

We have set our goals high USD $1,000,000 for Disaster, Relief & Development as there is tremendous need to prepare ahead and to become a great blessing to Israel. We need a lot but 'Nothing is impossible with God!'

We believe that it is not by chance that you have read this letter and ask that you prayerfully seek your part by allowing the Lord to speak to your heart. Should you feel that you would like to give towards this valuable cause assisting a people that you may never even get to meet; or the smile from a child in need that you may never see; or have the privilege of a personal thank you from the person you are helping to feed. We welcome your partnership in this special work of love and generosity to the people of Israel.

God bless you and may you receive a harvest for every seed you sow. Pease feel free to contact us we look forward to hearing from you.
Shalom always.

                                                  Alf & Julie Saunders

                                          Founders & Directors Pray 4 Zion South Africa


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