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About the Author of "Nation Builders":

Trevor Saunders is a Pastor and has worked with people for 20 years. He has led over 27 000 people to the Lord in outreaches and one on evangelism. He is also Mental Health Coach, Human Trafficking Activist, and Campaigner and has been involved with a selected team negotiating the release of underage sex workers.

Pastor Trevor is also a Certified John C Maxwell Coach - speaker and trainer. He is also a Certified YouthMAX trainer and a Certified Representative (Life without Limbs) as well as Certified EQUIP Leadership Trainer.

His book on "Nation Builders" is a timely BOOK for now and deals with why Socialism fails …BUT a government that is built on God’s Foundations will stand! We highly recommend that you read this E-Book kindly offered by Pastor Trevor. Please share it to bring awareness to the crisis and government corruption that the world is facing today. To sum it up - "A lack of leadership!"

Pastor Trevor can be contacted on trevor@thewayministries.co.za and would like to hear from you and available for leadership training or seminars.

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