Nations Standing at the Crossroads!

Shalom Partner and Friend of Israel,

“Are they ashamed of the abomination they have committed? NO, they have NO shame at all; they do NOT even know how to blush! So, they will fall among the fallen; when I (God) punish them, they WILL collapse,” says the LORD. This is what the Lord says; Stand at the crossroads and look, ask for the ancient paths; where is the good way? Then walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls!’ But they said; ‘We will NOT walk in it!’ I (God) appointed watchmen over you and said, ‘Listen for the sound of the ram’s horn.’ But they answered, ‘We will not listen!’ –Jeremiah 6:15-17.

Jeremiah told the people of his day to ASK for those “ancient paths” and to seek them out …and to walk in them. He urged his Nation, to return to the pathways of FAITH exemplified by Abel, by Enoch, by Abraham, by Moses. The “ANCIENT PATHS” refers to the good way that is morally good. The first word, “Stand” implies “strength.” As believers we don't fall down in the ways of the wickedness of the world but instead, we stand in them - strong in the Lord …NO matter what has come in our path of life. (Ephesians 6:10-131 Corinthians 15:1-216:13). Interestingly, we note that in the book of Acts, the teachings of the Lord are called "the Way" (Acts 19:9,23).

Jeremiah’s message in this verse must have sounded to Judah something …like “an out of tune instrument” in an orchestra. It happened when Judah was close to celebrating 1,000 years of existence as a nation and years of great progress. They had been “set free” from the slavery of Egypt …and Israel had risen above many of the nations around them. They had also made contact with these neighbouring nations and by this they had enriched their cultural life and economy.  Now over all this advancement, like the unexpected “sound of a trumpet blast,” the Prophet warns; “Stand in the crossroads, LOOK (see the way that you will be/have taken) ask for the old (ancient) paths (the good way – God’s Way), walk therein …and only then will you shall find rest for your soul.” BUT they REFUSED! Of course, they indignantly turned down the Prophet Jeremiah. “We will NOT listen – NOT walk therein,” they said; “This Prophet does NOT know what he is talking about - he is behind the times - an ‘old fogey,’ living in the wrong age.”  It had become foreign and a strange idea to them in days of prosperity and advancement!

And, how similar it is to this generation and especially the last decade?  Today we live in an “age of advancement of Technology” (Big Tech) - a “modern” or “post-modern” age. In the “age of Science” becoming a godless new religion and where scientists/doctors and (Big Pharm) Medicine now control the Nations “like gods!” They are simply attempting to remove the Creator - Almighty God and His Word – the Bible! Yes, science and technology has done much good …but today it is being used for “wickedness” and love of mammon (money) is “greed” by the already wealthy who control world leaders having sold out their nations and people …and this evil has become clearer since 2020. The technology advancement is also in communication and travelling “to and fro” is just like the Bible warned it would be in the Last Days (Daniel 12:4) and final generation is the here!

Human knowledge apart from God, is flawed… The Bible also refers to it as "worthless" because it isn’t tempered by love (1 Corinthians 13:2). The knowledge mankind possesses tends to make one proud; "Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up" – 1 Corinthians 8:1. Therefore, the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, without seeking God, is foolishness; "Then I applied myself to the understanding of wisdom . . . but I learned that this, too, is a chasing after the wind. For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief" – Ecclesiastes 1:17-18. Worldly knowledge is a false knowledge that is opposed to the truth, and Paul urges us to; "Turn away from godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge, which some have professed and in so doing have wandered from the faith" – 1 Timothy 6:20-21. Human knowledge is opposed to God’s knowledge and therefore is NO knowledge at all - rather, it is foolishness!

This generation is also a time of "SELF" and an "age of recreation and entertainment, tolerance, peace and an age where technology in Churches match world advancement but this too has brought godless appeasement in which the way we worship or read the Word of God. Today it is viewed by many that there are… "many ways to God!" And, in all this, comes the Prophet’s Jeremiah’s word of warning to us today; "Stand in the way, ask for the old paths, walk therein."  BUT, sadly, the answer of many is the same, "We will not walk therein!" For a true believer we have made a choice and our choice is simple …we Will Walk in God’s Ways and His PATH because it implies having a relationship with Abba Father, God and not the world and their godless ways. Therefore, to know Christ is to have FAITH in Him, to follow Him, to have a relationship with Him, to love and be loved by Him. (John 14:7; 1 Corinthians 8:3; Galatians 4:9; 2 Timothy 2:19. Increasing in the knowledge of God is part of maturity of every believer and is something we ALL are to experience as we "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Yeshua - Jesus Christ! (2 Peter 3:18)

Miracles are NOT always measured by how fantastic and un-explainable or supernatural they are… sometimes the "miracle" is simply - God meeting us at a moment of need! Today the world has entered its 3rd year of a "plan-demic" (which by the way was in the making for many years before) instated by a virus manufactured in a laboratory in Wuhan China and then unleashed upon us all by wicked, greedy wealthy Globalists through FEAR. Behind the scenes it’s the "Illuminati" Luciferin Secret Society who have hijacked the world with their planned pandemic. In South Africa and around the world Covid-19 has been "eye opener" for those who are watching and has exposed the godless and their GREED and has spurred a long-needed action against CORRUPTION. Did you know? Countries are NO longer ruled by Countries but rather are ruled by Globalists "Corporations" – Rich Corporations – Big Tech, Big Pharm, W.H.O. etc., and who are ALL controlled by the wealthiest greediest godless who are power-hungry. 

Over these past 2-years we’ve seen chaos and unrest overtake the world... So, why is it so important that we the true Church - true Bible believing believers look to Biblical truth and the certainty of God’s authority and Faithfulness for comfort and encouragement in 2022? God tells us that everything that CAN be “shaken” WILL be “shaken” and this “shaking” is not necessarily a bad thing as it reminds us of what is sure and forever (Eternal) …and what is not! When things are calm, we tend to get comfortable and rely on the world and science. But “shaking” has the effect of bringing us closer to God!  With all that has been shaken, the Word of God - the love of God - the promise of God …and the faithfulness of God - WILL remain the same, unmoved, and rock solid. So, in these End-times we must anchor ourselves all the more strongly to God and His promises just as a ship anchors itself to a rock in the midst of the waves. You see the waves WILL roar BUT there are times when calm returns because ultimately our Lord is in control of the waves as He controls the tides, seasons …and our lives too.

Israel, the Church and Nations… We live in Prophetic times in which the “ancient” Prophecies of the Bible have/ and are coming true …although much of the world is unable to see this or choose NOT to do so! In 1948 after 2,000 years at God’s Promise of the return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland was fulfilled at the rebirth of Israel and then in 1967 the restoration of City of Jerusalem everything changed and the End-time Clock began to TICK and is today speeding up and ticking louder. Have you also noticed how quickly time; hours, days, weeks, months and years are passing by through this “End-time” Clock? What Bible Prophecy tells us is that …through it all and NO matter what, God is still on the throne, His Word is true, His promises are faithful …and His love is everlasting. That should give us all the boldness we need to stand strong in the darkness and proclaim the truth to this generation.

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people” - Proverbs 14:34. This generation has seen the continuation of what the Bible Prophesies will happen in the Last Days – “the great falling away” or “apostasy.” We see it especially in America, Europe, South Africa and the rest of the Western Nations that once stood firmly on Biblical values …but today are now NOT only departing from them, overturning them and warring against them. Sadly, even in God’s Land Israel we have seen over the past decade Leaders who embrace Liberalism want to be like the rest of the world. This is God’s Land and His people and He will surely intervene! And, as the cultures around the world increasingly endorses sin, the Church is witnessing a parallel movement of growing hostility to the Gospel. The entire “cancel culture” ultimately aims at cancelling the Bible, Israel and God’s people – Jew and Christian. But this, too, is spoken of in Biblical Prophecy as reserved for the Last Days. There are growing “warning signs” of the end of America’s pre-eminence as the leader of Nations as we see “the rise of the East” …and the strengthening of alliances between Russia, China, Iran and Turkey. These developments appear to align with Ezekiel 38 / 39. This too aligns with Biblical Prophecy and will affect every Western Nation!

The great falling away…? The Church which is soon to be “the Bride of Christ” has in many ways in recent years grown comfortable, apathetic, diluted, like the world and much of it (NOT all) has ceased to be an active agent and light for its people, Israel and the nations …BUT, instead has sadly been on the defence, affected and compromised by the world. The Lord wants that to change! Why? Because the anti-God forces that war against our FAITH, the Church, and religious FREEDOMS of believers are growing in strength and brazenness and persecution is on the rise since 2020. If we, the people of God – His Church, do NOT stand boldly against the dark forces of evil now …then we may NOT have that chance again! And, we are ALL called to stand with Israel – the Lord’s Brethren …and to fight the good fight of faith especially in these Last Days! Israelis are suffering as they too have Leaders that are Globalists who control every aspect of their lives! There are two types of people in Israel – the Liberal Globalist Government Leaders and the people. Pray4Zion over the past 15 years supports many dire needs in Israel and our work is with the people and through you our faithful partners WILL continue to do so! Thank you! Todah – Rabah!

Let’s examine the life of Elijah the Prophet (1 Kings 17:1)

What happened when drought and famine spread through the land for 3-years? During this time, Elijah was in hiding and Jezebel had put the other Prophets of God to death. In the 3rd year - God told Elijah to return to Ahab and end the drought! God was upset about the EVIL ways of King Ahab of Israel who had married the Sidonian princess Jezebel and began to worship her false god, Baal. One day, God called on his Prophet Elijah, to tell Ahab that there would be NO dew NOR rain in the land except at Elijah’s word. Elijah told Ahab to bring ALL of Israel to Mount Carmel along with the prophets of Baal and another false god, Asherah. Elijah told the prophets of Baal to call on their false god and wait for an answer, which never came (see also chapters 1 Kings 17-18).

The days of Elijah… We don't know the exact method God used for the Prophet Elijah and we also don’t know for sure WHY - God allowed this plan-demic in our generation? But clearly, in His own way since only God knows what lies ahead. God ministered to the needs of His despondent Prophet …and God will meet our needs too! However, God later questioned Elijah twice (1 Kings 19:9, 13) however Elijah responded with the same negative answer both times (verses 10, 14). In his state of “emotional distress,” Elijah was NOT very responsive to God! But, Abba Father - God was patient with Elijah and did what was necessary to bring him to a place where he could respond. You see, God is NOT the kind of God who beats us into submission …and He does NOT coerce is to respond to Him nor force our loyalty. That is our decision! God will work to bring us to a position where we can respond to Him …and sometimes He may work in unusual or unexpected ways …or He may work through very ordinary people in everyday circumstances.

What had happened to Elijah? Elijah had given up! He left his country in the north and travelled south. When he got to the border of Israel at Beersheba, he kept going onwards and abandoned God's land for the “desert” (wilderness). Finally, Elijah went to sleep (often a symbol for impending death) in Ancient Times. The Bible tells us that Elijah's emotions had pushed him to the brink of despair. Have we all not felt like this at times over the past 2 years or at times when it seems as if we are NOT going anywhere but instead see the wicked are (seemingly) winning? God does NOT give up on us – nor His beloved Church - nor His Land and people (Jews) in Israel nearly as easily as we give up on HimGod came to Elijah in the “desert” in the midst of his despair. While Elijah may have had enough of God the all caring, loving Father God had not yet had enough of Elijah; “And he lay down and slept under a broom tree; and behold, an angel touched him, and said to him, "Arise and eat." – 1 Kings 19:5. The “angel” in the Hebrew means “messenger” and often the Bible uses “messengers” as a way to describe the presence of God Himself (Judges 2:1; Isaiah 63:9).

As Elijah journeyed toward Horeb he still had NOT fully recovered from his “emotional valley” …but he was moving! Sometimes that is enough and an encouragement for us too in these times! We cannot always expect a “quick fix” to our discouragements, or healing, or justice which may seem slow. Sometimes “beginning the process” is enough! As we wait upon our Lord as He WILL bring EVERY secret thing that is done in “darkness” into “light.” Daily we are now seeing that the EVIL committed by the Globalists (Jezebels) and their cohorts as God is revealing everything in His timing – NOT ours! Since September 2019 much EVIL is being exposed! In this Shemitah Year that ends in September, 2022 we believe more will be revealed!

The very name Mount “Horeb” or Mount “Sinai” evoked images of a powerful and awesome God who strode boldly into history overthrowing kingdoms and working fantastic miracles before the people's eyes… Elijah was on that very mountain of God where it all started. We would expect a new overwhelming revelation to Elijah that would convince him of God’s power? We read that he did NOT find God in the wind, NOT in the earthquake, NOR in the fire. Elijah did NOT even come out of his cave to witness those things! It was an unseen, soft sound that drew Elijah to a point where he could finally respond to God. We are not told what the gentle sound was. It's not important. The contrast is clear though …God is NOT always in the loud and showy events of history. God had brought “fire” from the sky on Mount Carmel. Yet, that is NOT the only way God works in our world. Sometimes He is heard unexpectedly in the “soft and subtle sounds” of life, as we are gently drawn to listen. We MUST be willing to listen, intently! God is still in control!

God has acted …and continues to act …and will act in marvellous ways in our world even when we are unable to see it… Sometimes God works in wonderful miracles of healing or deliverance immediately …but not always - not even usually. Most of us will never see the “fire fall” like it did for Elijah on Mount Carmel. If we only look for God in those things, we may miss Him in the quiet, ordinary, unseen, gentle sounds in our life. Maybe that's why so many missed the “miracle birth” of a “carpenter's son” in a stable …just as they missed it when our Saviour of the World – Yeshua (Jesus) died on the Cross in Jerusalem on Mount Golgotha (Matthew 27:33, Mark 15:22, Luke 23:33, John 19:17).

God called Elijah back to involvement with the nitty-gritty-things of life as he was still God’s Prophet… God would anoint kings and stir up rebellion against Ahab and Jezebel. God was at work in their time– and He is at work in our time too! Much of it was done through the efforts of a restored Elijah and his apprentice Elisha. Yes, God is at work in unseen ways in our world and to us believers it would not always be in the spectacular. Where we may see only one Prophet (Elijah) who does spectacular feats God has 7,000 servants who quietly do His work in the world even today; “Yet I (God) reserve seven thousand in Israel - all whose knees have NOT bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him.” – 1 King 19:18. How does God work in our world? This story does not have all the answers …but, it does have one - God works through ordinary faithful men and women who serve Him in all areas of life and in dark or hard times. God often speaks silently through people and some who not long before were ready to give up. There are more miracles performed where our humanity meets God's grace than this world dream of or realizes!

Did you know that several Bible stories involve the Jordan River? God often called His followers to “cross over the Jordan” as part of His “divine plan!” In each case, it was important for God's people to listen to God’s calling and stand on the right side of the river. When they didn't, they had consequences to pay;

(1) The Israelites feared the people of Canaan and as punishment for their lack of faith, God did NOT allow any Israelite over 20-years old - to enter (cross over) into the Promised Land and including Moses. The Israelites had wandered for 40-years in the “wilderness” and despite begging God to allow him to enter - Moses only viewed the Promised Land from a distance. (Deuteronomy 1:21-32; 3:23-28; 9:1-2; 34:1-4)

(2) Elijah had warned King Ahab of Israel that there would be a drought in the land because of Israel’s evil deeds. After Elijah gave his Prophecy, God told him; “To cross to the east side of the Jordan” and hide from the king. The river became a barrier of protection for Elijah. (1 Kings 16:29-33; 17:1-6)

(3) Absalom, King David's rebellious son and the leader of Israel's army, schemed to kill King David and everyone who was loyal to him. David was fore-warned and crossed the Jordan with his people during the night. The river became a barrier of protection for David and his people. (2 Samuel 17:15-22)

(4) Before being taken up to Heaven, Elijah struck the Jordan River water with his cloak. The water parted so that he and Elisha could cross. After Elijah ascended, Elisha again parted the waters with Elijah's cloak so he could return to Israel. (2 Kings 2:1-2, 5-15)

(5) God has a “Jordan River” for us to cross in these difficult times and if we persevere and stay focused then we too WILL see our Promised Land – just like Elijah!

Has a NEW WAY been prepared for Israel, God’s people and His Church? A new way that we have all NEVER been before? No matter what is taking place in the world we are surely living in “turbulent times” and the “waves are roaring” in a godless world - like in Ancient Israel in Elijah’s times the people had reached a pinnacle of ungodliness! They were rebellious against God Himself …just as our world is today, it was in many ways the “worst of times,” not economically but spiritually; “they did what was EVIL in the sight of the Lord.” – 1 Kings 34:16. (See also 1 Kings 16:25-30) Wicked kings had ruled politically then …just as wicked leaders rule the nations today. The drought only ended with God sending rains from Heaven (James 5:17-18).

For the most part God's Prophets have been drawn into the wilderness away from civilization… And, it’s there in the rugged desolate place they are “set apart” for a special work of God. In the “wilderness” is where Almighty God fashions the character of His servants, making them obedient vessels, who, in season and out of season, are ready for the Masters use. They become under His Holy protection! For most of God’s people the “wilderness” is seen as - dense forests, deserts and mountains that is only for the adventurous in spirit. But it can also become vicious to all forms of life! It can become harsh for humans and a place of loneliness with animals and plants where only the strongest can survive. No soft disguises of civilization can survive here. “Wilderness life” reveals the nature of its captives until the true substance is exposed - be it good or evil. It is NOT a place for the foolhardy, or the faint-hearted. But for a few the wilderness becomes a place of communion …for there is another wind that moves amongst the hidden canyons and dry river beds. Just as the Eagle waits to feel “the breath of the desert” beneath his wings …so God’s Prophets retreat to the wilderness to await communion with the “Winds of His Spirit.”

The “wilderness” was the realm in which Old Testament Prophets such as; Elijah, Elisha, John the Baptist and even our Lord Yeshua (Jesus) moved “in the power of the Spirit of the Living God” … They mounted up “with wings as Eagles,” soaring into the unknown realms of God’s will and Word …and it is there that the rugged conditions of the wilderness became their moulding ground. Alone, they wandered chose to wander through their “desert experience” in forests and mountains, awaiting God's Command. Each of them was God’s chosen “mouthpiece” for the time in which they were living and afterwards when speaking they could clearly proclaim “…thus, said the Lord” to their Generation.” 

Since 2020, Covid-19 has taught us all much! It has exposed the Globalists New World Order, it has exposed the lust of POWER and GREED for money in most World Government Leaders as the wealthy getting wealthier across the world at the people’s expense …and in a way “we the people” - were EXILED by them into our homes and for many it became a “desert” of loneliness, cut off from society, elderly parents and loved ones …whilst Globalists around the world were getting wealthier at the cost of lives, businesses and freedoms etc. Everything we ‘all once held dear or important to us were stripped away almost overnight. It happened simultaneously across the whole world pre-planned by evil people. Yet, as believers in Christ we saw God’s amazing protection, provision …and things of the world NO longer mattered! God has become the centre of our lives - our families lives and this is “God’s Heartbeat too!”

Today we stand at the precipice or CROSSROADS… A Global change or “RESET” is being orchestrated by the wicked wealthy Luciferin Globalists controlling “power-hungry” World Leaders and “corporations” planned by “secret societies” to fully enforce and/or eventually introduce everyone to a Universal Vaccination requirement Health Passport to MARK” everyone with their Digital ID …and eventually a microchip in the hand with a consequent contact tracing of the populations of the entire world. Those who do NOT accept their measures (especially the Church) may eventually be confined in detention camps or placed under “house arrest” (Lockdown) …and/or their assets be confiscated. This is NOT science fiction! The Bible warned us this would take place in the End of Days! There will be the greatest separation of believers in the last of the Last Days - between those who appease and surrender to the secular culture and those who stand for righteousness, holiness and the Word of the Lord. The pressure to conform and to be liked by the world will be so intense! We MUST stand firm in truth and grace!

You see, those people calling for “a Great Reset” are wicked and are using the Wuhan Virus as a justification means to bring about complete overhaul of the GLOBAL Economy! They are also using it as an excuse to move quickly toward - “Global Governance Totalitarianism.” In this process the Globalists use the “promise of freedoms” with their untested vaccination/boosters’ shots …only if we are in compliance with their protocols. In reality, this is a battle between “good and evil,” …between the “light of Christ” and the “darkness of Satan.” Such tyranny of Totalitarian Control ultimately WILL lead to the rise of the Antichrist and the Empire of the Beast just as predicted in the Bible for the Last Days!

Today, we are ALL standing at ANCIENT crossroads… Then those who feared the Lord talked with each other, and the Lord listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the Lord and honoured his name. “On the day when I act,” says the Lord Almighty; “they will be my treasured possession. I will spare them, just as a father has compassion and spares his son who serves him.  And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not!” – Malachi 3:16-18. Today we can clearly see the distinction between those who serve God and those who don’t! It’s not unusual that God’s people were drawn “mysteriously” in His Spirit to a “wilderness experience” in these Last Days. And, here lies the challenge for us all – the times in which we are living in need people who like Elijah will stand before God. People who will respond to the call of Yeshua (Jesus) from Gethsemane; “…can’t you watch with me for one hour?”

The final judgement of God already casts a shadow in the “days of Elijah” – 3 ½ Years where God sent drought spoiled the plans of “economic growth” for the people of Israel God always judges His people first and now it’s the time for the whole world too and even the Church is NOT exempt. Our world today needs God and urgently needs people who can say “…as the Lord lives before whom I stand!” We are living in a time where millions of babies and children are being sacrificed on the altar of the Baal of Liberalism and Socialism and money whilst family values are being trampled upon and both Israel and the Church are being marginalized. While the world seemingly gets darker our Lord encourages us that He will BUILD His CHURCH and the Gates of Hell – will NOT prevail! Truly, as believers we have come closer to our Abba Father Yahweh, the Holy Spirit and our Lord Yeshua over the past two years.

The time for Christ’s return is closer than when we first believed… And “the Day of the Lord” is certainly closer than when Joel wrote his Prophecy to Israel and warned them to blow a Shofar in Zion, Sound an alarm on My Holy Mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, for the “Day of the LORD” is coming – surely it is near, we rejoice to know that God’s plans and purposes can never be thwarted and that His promises to Abraham, Isaac, Israel and David will certainly be fulfilled. In the meantime, let us do our part in proclaiming the Gospel of Grace to the Lord’s Brethren – the Jew and Gentile alike, before the great and terrible; “Day of the Lord!”

As more and more things happen that move us closer to the return of Yeshua (Jesus) how should believers be preparing their hearts and engaging the world right now? We need to remind ourselves that the world is NOT our home - this is our mission field. We’re NOT here to worry or live in FEAR – we’re here to spread the Gospel and shine His light. And we need to remind ourselves that NO matter what is going on around us – in the world – it’s not the final story and that the last word belongs to God. We are each bound for Heaven. While we’re in this world, our job is to bring as many souls as possible to get there with us. “Blow a shofar in Zion. Sound an alarm on My holy mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, for the day of the LORD is coming – surely it is near!” – Joel 2:1.

God’s Word is true! He IS watching to see how the nations are treating His people – Israel. God will have mercy on Israel through Gentile believers acting as mediators towards them! This is one of the most amazing revelations ever given to the Church – an opportunity to do something that carries the highest priority in the heart of God. Yet, sadly, so few have seen the potential and the rewards of serving God in this manner - as agents of mercy to Israel and the Jewish people! Israel was and still is despised today and a despised nation continually turning away from God BUT nothing ever altered the purpose of God for that nation. The despised element is always a noticeable element in the purpose of God. When the Saviour of the world came, He came of that despised nation; like IsraelHe Himself was; “despised and rejected by men,”and there is that despised element; “…things that are despised God has chosen,” 1 Corinthians 1:28. Now, more than at any time is the time to support Israel and the Jewish people - the Lord’s Brethren! We are witnessing the nations and people turning their backs on Israel. Thank you for your prayers and generous financial support especially during these very difficult times. With “lockdown” and difficult “recovery” still lying ahead we ARE reminded that the Wuhan Corona Virus has caused many dire needs and continue to increase here in Israel upon the already most vulnerable! Once again – Thank you!

We hope that you enjoy and become more informed by our work. We serve an awesome God and we are humbled by this opportunity to bring you this information. With Shalom to you and your family always,

Alf & Julie Saunders

01st April, 2022

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