The Battle for the Last Day Temples!

Shalom Partner and Friend of Israel,

There are Temples in these Last Days that WILL be and are already on the forefront of “battle” for survival in the coming days …and our godless generation today is certainly an indication that we are right in the midst of. These battles are not just “physical battles,” …BUT at the same time a great “spiritual battle” is also taking place. Let’s look at what these battles are all about? We believe it is: (1) For control of the Temple of Holy Spirit – our bodies …and the Church where God is worshipped. (2) For control of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (3) And, for control - of the Third Temple in Jerusalem that WILL be rebuilt by the Jews! These phenomenal Last Day events are unfolding before our very eyes …but are we seeing them?

Now, more than at any time is the time to support Israel and the Jewish people - the Lord’s Brethren as they face not only the Corona Virus Pandemic but also the attacks still continue within Israel by Palestinian Arabs bent on destroying Israel and the recent war initiated by the radical Islamist Terrorists in Gaza and from Lebanon too! In Israel “peace” or “ceasefire” is NEVER certain! Thank you once again for your prayers and generous support!

With the beginning of (set of 4) blood moons of 25th – 26th May, 2021 (2021-2022) we anticipate “trouble times” ahead… (Teaching for July will explain more). “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars. And on the earth will be anxiety of nations with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; men fainting from fear, and expecting those things which have come on the earth. For the powers of the heavens shall be shaken, Luke 21:25-26. Is there a big event on the horizon…? The Lord always speaks warnings through signs to His people. Something big is about to happen soon and many Christians can just feel this in the spirit …and even un-believers are talking about something ominous heading our way. We living in the most dangerous but privileged time of world history in these “Last Days” as the “signs of the end” are before us just as Covid-19 and Globalists plans of de-population and censorship of our freedom of speech! Blood moons in Israel the Rabbi’s say are normally bad omens for Nations but Eclipses bad omen for Israel. Time will tell!

Signs are from heavens are symbolic and the heavens declare the glory of Almighty God who is very much in control… “And Hezekiah said to Isaiah, “What shall be the sign that the Lord will heal me, and that I shall go up to the house of the Lord on the third day?”  And Isaiah said, “This shall be the sign to you from the Lord, that the Lord will do the thing that he has promised: shall the shadow go forward ten steps, or go back ten steps?”  And Hezekiah answered, “It is an easy thing for the shadow to lengthen ten steps. Rather let the shadow go back ten steps.” And Isaiah the prophet called to the Lord, and he brought the shadow back ten steps, by which it had gone down on the steps of Ahaz.” – 2 Kings 20:8-11.

The Prophet Daniel wrote in symbolic language to warn of a time before the return of our Lord that “man shall run to and FRO and that KNOWLEDGE would increase! We are that generation and we are living in times where it almost seems that we cannot keep up. Many scientists are atheists who view that they are able to change God’s world, mankind and the world as we know it. But be assured God is still in control …and NOT the godless Media, Scientists, Bill Gates, Fauci or wicked Leaders of Governments and their plans to control the world in their New World Order …through Globalisation and Draconian laws. Just as military planners send secret messages in code to keep the enemy from intercepting and understanding them, so Almighty God has cloaked Prophecy in symbolic language. He didn’t use “symbols” to prevent us from understanding His messages but used them so the evil powers He exposed wouldn’t readily see themselves in the messages and attempt to tamper with them, change them, or destroy them. By using “symbolic images” and “Prophetic pictures” and “Prophetic language” our God is able to condense thousands of years of history into a very small space. Each “prophetic symbol” is clearly explained in Scripture. Once you understand the meaning of the “symbol” then Bible Prophecy becomes plain. The Prophetic book of Daniel was written for our time and one of the clear signs are when the angel Gabriel told Daniel that; “…Many shall run to and FRO and knowledge shall be increased.” - Daniel 12:4. This prophecy has great meaning to this generation. The angel Gabriel specifically told Daniel to; “seal up” these Prophecies until the “Time of the End” ...and he outlines in vivid detail world events NOW unfolding before our eyes. His predictions, covering 2,500-years of history, clearly outline world events from the Daniel’s time 600-years before Christ to ours!

The BATTLE for the body and TEMPLE of the Holy Spirit and Satan’s war on believers and the Church…. Man was originally created in the image of God and for the glory of God (Genesis chapter 2) and Satan hates us as much as He hates God! But God “indwelling” in us is more than that; “Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him. For God's temple is holy, and you are that temple.” – 1 Corinthians 3:16-17. The Bible sometimes says the “Spirit of Christ” lives inside believers and more often it says the “Spirit of God” (Romans 8:9) or just the “Holy Spirit” is in us; “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So, glorify God in your body.”- 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. When we believe in Yeshua (Jesus) - God establishes a relationship with us that’s so close that we become one with Him as He’s in us, and we’re in Him! Our bodies belong to God and as believers we MUST keep our “Temples of the Holy Spirit” (1 John 4:4) pure and clean as someday we will return to God.

Satan is the father of lies …and he will use; lies, greed, lust, deception as well as evil people, Media and godless World Leaders of Governments around the world (and even Luke-warm people in Church) to fool the nations and in doing so accomplish his wicked plans against God! “…the one who practices sin is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning. The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil.”- 1 John 3:8. You see it is the battle for the human soul and temple of the Holy Spirit! Satan is trying to keep men captive in sin and, through deceptive methods …and he is enticing men and women to temporary worldly lusts, pleasures, sexual sins and sinful living …and today we can see that clearly in the Liberal Socialists, Communist Globalists pushing the LGBTQ and transgender ideology, abortions etc. for their purposes against Almighty God and His Word – the Bible. Satan wants to destroy families and Biblical marriages between man and woman. All such opposition hinders the witness of Christ to the world! Satan is cunning and aims for the affections of the “soul and spirit” which rightfully belong to God

In the natural world a king is the sovereign ruler of a kingdom and all the territory and people in the kingdom belong to him …and the king has the power of life and death over his subjects. The same is true in the spiritual world! God loves us and wants us to follow Him as He is the KING of kings …BUT, as we have seen that there is an enemy (the Devil) who is doing everything he can in these End-times to make us choose - anything else but God! We have only two choices and there is no middle ground; we are either part of the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Satan. Either God or Satan has power over our lives! “Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” - 1 Peter 5:8.

There is a GREAT WAR being waged in the world …and it’s a WAR for the human soul. At the end of 2019 the plans of Globalists New World Order began to take place were in the making many years ago …but in March of 2020 it was carried out with the spread of Covid-19 or Corona Virus calling it a “pandemic!” The world was “locked down” (a prison term or house arrest). The World Health Organization; C.D.C; Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates as well as the “cabal” of wicked World Leaders spread FEAR with the help of the Media - telling us that the world populations will decrease and people will die from an “invisible flu-like” SARS virus. 

We were told… that unless a mask covering our mouths and noses is worn at all times (keeping oxygen - God’s fresh air out of our lungs and instead breathe our own carbon dioxide we would spread the virus even if we were healthy and cause the death of others! Though death rate for the virus was minimum they inflated the numbers for control of population!

We were told… not to take certain proven medications that have been around and tested for over 30 years and could heal the virus …but to rather take the Big Pharm - Bill Gates un-tested vaccines that offer NO legal liability claims against them or our government - should these jabs cause allergic reactions, pain, deformity or even death?

We were told... to constantly sanitize our hands and bodies OR we would cause other people to die from the “plan-demic” of Covid-19 Virus.

We were told to… obey and keep a social distance and not to even visit our families or elderly parents even though some died lonely deaths …but to rather hide away in our homes away from God’s amazing Vitamin D sunshine that our bodies so need. Children are the ones suffering silently as they obey what they are told. Beaches closed, Businesses closed, Churches closed, Jobs were lost, Airlines were shut and world travel came to standstill all in the effort “to save humanity at the expense of others …and save “mother earth” the planet from “climate change!” Many have received untested vaccines but with economies in decline have no jobs. Etc. You get it too? Today just as our Lord Yeshua (Jesus) warned us in Matthew 24 - 2,000 years ago are coming to pass before His soon return.

“Father we resist the enemy in every form that he comes against us – we require our bodies to be strong and healthy and enforce it with Your Word. We reject the curse and enforce life in our bodies!” - James 4:7.

It is a fact that the Coronavirus originated from the City of Wuhan in Communist China and was deliberately spread into the world! G5 towers suddenly appeared and popped up in streets alongside homes …and across the nations all happening while the unsuspecting masses were placed under “quarantine” (hospital term for sick people) and under governmental enforced lockdowns. We were then forbidden (and still are) NOT to mention truth that the virus originated in ChinaNOR the word Covid-19 Virus …NOR to even mention Scriptures on God healing; such as Psalm 91; Psalm 103:2-5OR we would most certainly get banned from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. And, just like that freedom of speech was taken away from anyone who would question; Big pharm, Big Tech, the lying Media or corrupt greedy Politicians who cashed in and became richer while the masses poorer. They called the virus an “invisible enemy” …BUT, we called it an attack and “crimes against humanity” …and against God and His people. It is not just a conflict between nations, tribes, or government leaders or a rebellion or a coup – it was Satan’s plan and it worked worldwide…for a while! Our God is still on the throne and we WILL see His judgement on the wicked! (Psalm 91:8).

2021 saw an increase of intensity in attacks and no let up on Coronavirus but rather their next phase as they forced un-tested human experimental vaccines… The Globalists New World Order – or RESET 2030 plan pushed by lying Media, immoral Hollywood, Big tech and Big Pharm take-over …certainly the war against ALL of us is intensifying daily! It is important for believers to understand “spiritual warfare” of the early days Church. There is clearly something sinister going on behind the scenes and all leaders of governments across the globe are involved in these same plans greater than meets the eye or human understanding! And, sadly, including our beloved Land of GodIsrael! Israelis are today against their will - once again being used as the world’s testing ground for vaccine experiments on humans. 

It is an important invisible battle taking place in the spirit world… The Bible states that God's people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). One of the main areas in which believers are being defeated due to lack of knowledge is in “spiritual warfare” and the early Church viewed their spiritual experience in terms of “warfare” and this terminology is used throughout the New Testament. Protection was seen in “the armour of God” in; Ephesians 6: 12; “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

Understanding the enemy and struggle… The Word of God was compared to “a sword.” Satan's attacks were called “fiery darts.” Faith was the “good fight” and believers were told to “war a good warfare.” The early Church knew they were engaged in an intense spiritual struggle. The same “spiritual battle” continues today …but instead of fighting the enemy, believers have become complacent and unaware of this great spiritual battle that wages around them and in our world today. Satan has even intensified his attacks against a Church that has withdrawn from the front lines of battle. Spiritual warfare is "multi-dimensional,” which means it is fought in different dimensions: (1) A social battle between the believer and the world (John 15:18-27) (2) A personal battle between the flesh and the spirit (Galatians 5:16-26 3). A supernatural battle between believers and evil spiritual powers (Ephesians 6:10-27). Every person alive is engaged in this battle - whether he/she realizes it or not. There is NO neutral ground. Unbelievers are in bondage to evil and have been taken captive by enemy forces. They are victims of the war. As believers we have been freed from the enemy through Yeshua (Jesus Christ) and are victors …but we still engage in the war as believers and wrestle against evil spiritual forces. “Wrestling” involves close personal contact. No one is exempt from this battle!

To understand this “invisible war” we must first understand the natural and spiritual worlds. Man exists in two worlds: The natural world and the spiritual world. The “natural world;” is that which can be seen, felt, touched, heard, or tasted. It is tangible and visible. The country, nation, city, or village in which we live is part of the natural world and we are a resident in a natural kingdom located on one of the visible continents of the world. People are part of our environment and can communicate with them as God created us to be “social” and NOT ungodly “social distancing!”

Our bodies created by God can experience the sights, sounds, and smells around us …but there is another world in which we ‘all live. That world is a “spiritual world; We cannot see it with our physical eyes …but it is just as real as the natural world in which we live! Paul speaks of this division of natural and spiritual; “There are also heavenly bodies and earthly bodies, but the glory of the heavenly is one, and the glory of the earthly is another.” - I Corinthians 15:40. We all have a natural body that lives in the natural world …but man is also a “spiritual being” with an eternal soul and spirit. Man is body, soul, and spirit. Our spiritual being (soul and spirit) is part of a spiritual world just as your natural body is part of the natural world! “Because spiritual warfare is just that – spiritual - it must be understood with a spiritual mind. In our natural, sinful state, we cannot understand spiritual things: But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.” - I Corinthians 2:13-14.

The BATTLE for the Temple Mount in JerusalemAs we watched the Gaza war in May, 2021 as well as the events taking place in Jerusalem and in Israel, the Middle East, and all over the world, it strengthens the feeling that the next step is the great End-Time War. Why is a tiny piece of real estate so important? Jewish tradition holds that it is the site where God gathered the dust to create Adam and where Abraham nearly sacrificed his son Isaac to prove his faith on Mount Moriah. King Solomon, built the 1st Temple of the Jews on this mountain top in 1000 B.C (thousands of years before Islam even existed). For centuries, the Jewish People have streamed to the Western Wall, which came to be known as the Wailing Wall – in Jerusalem to lament the destruction of the 1st Temple in 586 BC by Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, when he conquered Jerusalem who sent many Jews into exile. In the 1st Century B.C., Herod expanded and refurbished a 2nd Temple built by Jews who after their return from exile in Babylon. It is here that, according to the Gospel of John, Yeshua (Jesus Christ) lashed out against the money changers (and was later crucified a few hundred meters away). The Roman General Titus exacted revenge against Jewish rebels, sacking and burning the Temple 70 AD

It is said that WAR begins at the (Western) WALL… Did you know that the Western Wall in Jerusalem has been the most prominent and accessible section of the wall to Jews throughout ages? And, especially on; Tisha B’Av (9th day of the month of Av) the date on which Jews mourn the destruction of the two Temples. For Centuries this was the only date on which the Western Wall plaza where Jews were permitted to enter their City and express their sorrow over the loss of their Temple and the wall became known as the “Wailing Wall.” For a long while GENTILES ruled and Jews were restricted to a small alley to the site while MUSLIMS prayed at the Mosque on the platform above.

Islam was only established in the 7th Century AD and for Muslims, the Temple Mount is only their 3rd holiest site and is called Haram al-Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary) … Muslims literally turn their backs on it and rather pray towards Mecca. Islam makes claim that it was here that their Prophet Muhammad ascended in a dream to the “divine presence” on the back of “a winged horse” on a miraculous night Journey trance from Mecca. Islam built the Dome of the Rock shrine over existing Biblical Mount Moriah and a Christian Church. The Temple Mount is a territorial prize occupied or conquered by a long succession of Nations including; Jebusites, Babylonians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, early Muslims, Crusaders, Mamluks, Ottomans and the British. Thus, the Temple Mount has seen more momentous historical events than perhaps any other 35 acres in the world. It is like a tinder box from which the smallest spark can set the world alight!

During the 19th Century, waves of Jewish immigrants caused the Jewish population to grow significantly and Arab leaders became concerned. Jerusalem has ALWAYS over centuries even during exiles had a resident Jewish population, but in 1866, Jews became a majority in the city for the first time since 614 AD. In 1827 the Egyptian ruler Muhammad Ali had refused to honour Jewish appeals for repairs to the Western Wall plaza …but when the Jewish population became a majority, Sir Moses Montifore was able to go ahead and make extensive renovations! However, under British Mandate which began in 1917 the religious rights of the Arab world had been and continued to be seen as a greater strategic asset to the British and as a result Muslims were referenced to the Jews and could freely worship their god Allah instead – on the Temple Mount! And, including the right to sound out 5-times daily calls to prayer BUT Jews below at the Western Wall were NOT even able to blow a shofar or make any audible noise that might “disturb” Muslim prayers! Under these restrictive rights Jews continued to carry out their religious obligations to God Yahweh in the narrow Western Wall alley – all the while being even today taunted by Muslims who attempted to disrupt their prayers to Almighty God – the God of the Bible … and so it continues on even today! BUT, “the Times of the Gentiles” is coming to an end and this generation WILL witness it!

1948 changed everything and in fact God’s Prophetic clock began to tick loudly when Israel after 2,000 years was re-born as a Nation, after the War of Independence - just as God promised He would return His people back to their land and fulfilment of Ezekiel 37. 1956 saw another Prophecy fulfilled with the Sinai returned Israel during Campaign Operation - Kadesh to remove the blockage on Eilat at the Red Sea. 1967 the Six-Day War - Israeli forces advanced beyond the 1949 Armistice Agreement Line into West Bank territories, taking control of the Old City of Jerusalem, inclusive of the Temple Mount …and 1973 the Yom Kippur War retaking of Jerusalem into Jewish hands. 1982 the First Lebanon War – Operation Peace for Galilee and part of Golan Heights and 2005 the heart-breaking force removal of Israelis from their homes and handing over of Gaza Strip to Palestinians under pressure from then US President George Bush which today is a terrorist heaven but a hell-hole for attacks on Jews in Israel. 2006 the second Lebanon war with Hezbollah. NEVER did Israel start any war but was forced into war to defend itself from hostile take-over. 2017 was a very prophetic year and under US President Donald Trump history in the making for the first time ever Jerusalem was recognized as the Eternal Capital of Israel on the 70th birthday as a Jewish State! Golan Heights was later annexed to Israel and recognized and Judea and Samaria (Westbank) followed suite. Can you see God’s Hand? Certainly, we are in Last Days and coming to end of “Times of Gentiles!” (Luke 21:24).

For sure, the Temple Mount is a flash point in the Middle East conflict. Israel seized East Jerusalem and the Old City from Jordan in 1967. While Israelis saw this as the reunification of their Ancient Capital …the Palestinians still deem East Jerusalem to be occupied Arab land and they have the position also held by the United Nations … so it’s more than religious but also political and becoming more so as the world is becoming very anti-Semitic almost to the Nazi days of 1937! After Israel’s stunning victory over the Arab armies during the Six-Day War in June 1967, Israeli Défense Minister General Moshe Dayan went to the Al-Aqsa Mosque (built on top of Mount Moriah in 705 AD) to meet with the five leaders of the Muslim Religious Council. The council had exercised control over the Temple Mount during nearly 20-years of Jordanian military control of the eastern portion of Jerusalem, from Israel’s 1948 War of Independence until the Six-Day War. The meeting between Moshe Dayan and the Muslim leaders established Israel’s Religious and Political policy concerning the Temple Mount, a policy that remains unchanged today. Dayan, a non-religious Jew, did not appreciate the profound historical and spiritual significance of the Temple Mount and thus relinquished administrative control to the Arabs. He hoped the generosity of this gesture would be appreciated. Unfortunately, they interpreted it as an indication of the weakness of Israel’s resolve to possess and hold their holiest place of worship, the Temple Mount. The fight to own this piece of land continues on!

Understanding Prophecy and God’s Timetable… Though there are now many Messianic believers (Jew who believe in Yeshua as their Messiah) in Israel the nation on a whole is still a nation in unbelief and secular nature of the Jewish State is on the whole un-spiritual …and we still need to recognize the fulfilment of Prophecy is NOT dependent upon human faith or spirituality …but on God’s Eternal plan and promised Covenant to His people Israel. Today sadly, many Orthodox Jews still believe that they are in the “Diaspora” and that the Prophetic plan for Israel has NOT yet been realized and that their Messiah is still to come. We need to always pray for salvation for our Lord’s brethren that the blindness be removed from their eyes.

The BATTLE for the coming Third Temple or Tribulation Temple After the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD - Jews NEVER stopped praying for the re-building of a future 3rd Temple, to receive priestly blessings, and to repent. The Hebrew Prophets all proclaimed that in the Last Days, the exiles of Israel would return to the Promised Land and that the Temple would be rebuilt (Amos 9:14–15; Ezekiel 37:28; Isaiah 43:5-6; Isaiah 41:9). The return of the Jews to Israel is Prophetic and the 3rd Temple WILL be re-built! So many sceptics, anti-Semites’ and even believers around the globe like to proclaim that God has rejected the Jews and that Israel has been rebirthed by man alone – the British. Yet, we find in Scripture that God had NEVER intended to reject His People forever: “You, Israel, My servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, Descendant of Abraham My friend, you whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called from its remotest parts and said to you, ‘You are My servant, I have chosen you and not rejected you.”  - Isaiah 41:9.

God always planned to bring the Jewish People back to the Land on His terms NOT on man’s terms… God always keeps His promises …and just as the Prophets foretold, the Jewish People are back in the land when a “miracle birth of a Nation” (Isaiah 66:8) in “one day” took place in 1948 …and they are still returning to the Holy Land from the four corners of the earth after 19 Centuries of global exile and gentile rule! Not only are the Jews returning to the Promised Land …but the preparations to build their 3rd Temple are continuously progressing every day through the efforts of the Temple Institute and the Temple Mount Faithful Movement. “Here am I, and the children the Lord has given me.  We are signs and symbols in Israel from the Lord Almighty, who dwells on Mount Zion.” - Isaiah 8:18. As we keep in mind the plan of God accomplishes His purposes according to His timetable, we recognize that NO political leader or their actions – no matter however zealous can force the fulfilment of Prophetic events! This is not to say that the present war from Gaza into Israel in during May 2021 and especially in the Middle East might not reflect God’s Hand of bringing His sovereign End-time plan into action and ultimately leading to the fulfilment of His Prophetic Promises! Certainly, the stage is being set! We are part of the Generation that will live to see a 3rd Jewish Temple once again stand in Jerusalem as the spiritual crossroads of the world! The rebuilding of the Temple holds profound prophetic significance, equal to the appearance of the Antichrist or the forming of the pagan armies to invade Israel in the coming War of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38).

Why Build the Third Temple…? This is as close to Biblical Prophecy that it’s getting and for true believers – Body of Christ it’s like saying; ‘Wow, the Messiah is coming!” And, there’s NO doubt about it. Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth, the Saviour of the world, is going to return and we are living in the Last Days. NOBODY can stop what God has put into motion!” Yes, the 3rd Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem the Last seven years of the world’s existence and will be there in the Tribulation…and so this is an important sign to watch for as it will signal – the beginning of the END! However, as believers if we think chaos and lawlessness is happening now …BUT it will become far worse for those left behind when the Church is Raptured! Both the Prophet Daniel and our Lord Yeshua (Jesus Christ) tells us that the Antichrist WILL defile the 3rd Temple BEFORE the return of the true Messiah at His Second Coming.

This final dwelling (shakan) forms the related the Millennium Temple – Kingdom Tabernacle or Eternal Temple and the word “Shekinah,” which is not found in the original Hebrew Bible …but it is used in Rabbinic literature and Bible translations to describe the Lord’s Divine Presence. The Prophet Ezekiel NOT only witnessed the “departure” of this “Divine Presence” from the Temple - (Ezekiel 10:18–19)but he also saw the “re-building” of a future Eternal dwelling place of God on the Temple Mount in the Holy City of Jerusalem; “The glory of the Lord entered the Temple through the gate facing east. I heard someone speaking to me from inside the Temple.  He said: ‘Son of man, this is the place of My throne and the place for the soles of my feet.  This is where I will live among the house of Israel forever....’”  - Ezekiel 43:4–7.

The first mention of the Tribulation in the Bible is found in Deuteronomy 4:27-30. Before the Children of Israel entered the Promised Land, Moses warned them that if they were unfaithful to God, they would be scattered among the nations. He then prophesied that “in the Latter Days” the Jews would again come under “distress” …and the result would be their “return to the Lord.” Centuries later, Jeremiah used the same terminology when he referred to the Tribulation …and called it “the time of Jacob’s trouble” or “distress” (Jeremiah 30:7). Daniel also called it “the time of distress,” and he prophesied it would be the worst period of trouble in the history of the Jewish people (Daniel 12:1). Malachi stated it would be “a time of refining for the Jews,” as when silver is purified by fire (Malachi 3:1-4). And Zechariah used the same words when he prophesied that two-thirds of the Jewish people will perish during this time. Of the remnant remaining, he wrote; “I (the Lord]) will bring the third part through the fire and refine them as silver is refined…” – Zechariah 13:8-9.

The Jews will NOT be the only ones to suffer during this period of unparalleled trouble! The Bible makes it clear that ALL the nations of the world will experience catastrophic calamities. Isaiah says it will be “a day of reckoning” for all the nations of the world (Isaiah 2:10-17). Zephaniah says that; “…all the earth will be devoured in the fire of God’s jealousy” – Zephaniah 1:18. Here’s how the psalmist Asaph put it; “A cup is in the hand of the Lord, and the wine foams… surely, all the wicked of the earth must drain and drink down its dregs” – Psalm 75:8. The “mark of the beast(Revelation 13:12, 15; 16-1; 19:20; 20:4) is a mark that is closely tied to the worship of “the beast.” and is “a mark” of loyalty to the Antichrist! Comparing the passages where the “mark of the beast” is discussed with passages like Revelation 7:1-8 and 14:1 and the “mark of the beast” here is also most likely “a sign” that identifies someone already wicked and evil - a person of “the dragon.” In these passages we also read about “the mark of the Lamb” and we’ll notice it is “a mark” given to God’s people - God’s servants, in order to identify them as such …and, of course, to protect them. They get the mark of the Lamb because they are already united with the Lamb. It seems pretty evident that there are two marks; the mark of the beast and the mark of the Lamb! They are meant to be seen as two polar realities, two opposite signs, marking out as it were two different types of people, namely, the wicked on the one hand and the righteous on the other.

God’s Word is true! He IS watching to see how the nations are treating His people – Israel. God will have mercy on Israel through Gentile believers acting as mediators towards them! This is one of the most amazing revelations ever given to the Church – an opportunity to do something that carries the highest priority in the heart of God. Yet, sadly, so few have seen the potential and the rewards of serving God in this manner - as agents of mercy to Israel and the Jewish people! Israel was and still is despised today and a despised nation continually turning away from God BUT nothing ever altered the purpose of God for that nation. The despised element is always a noticeable element in the purpose of God. When the Saviour of the world came, He came of that despised nation; like IsraelHe Himself was; “despised and rejected by men,”and there is that despised element; “…things that are despised God has chosen,” 1 Corinthians 1:28. Now, more than at any time is the time to support Israel and the Jewish people - the Lord’s Brethren! We are witnessing the nations and people turning their backs on Israel. Thank you for your prayers and generous financial support especially during these very difficult times. With “lockdown” and difficult “recovery” still lying ahead we ARE reminded that the Wuhan Corona Virus has caused many dire needs and continue to increase here in Israel upon the already most vulnerable! Once again – Thank you!

We hope that you enjoy and become more informed by our work. We serve an awesome God and we are humbled by this opportunity to bring you this information. With Shalom to you and your family always,

Alf & Julie Saunders

01st June, 2021

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