The ‘Deception’ of ISLAM...!

The religion of the End Time will be one where the false prophet will “deceive” the whole world and cause the world to worship the Antichrist by doing miracles such as pulling fire from the sky. This religion already exists but will be made universal by the power given the Antichrist and the false prophet by the devil. The Bible doesn’t specifically tell us what that religion will be called, but we can determine what it will be by looking at the facts.

It is doubtless what the title of this article will stir up in the minds of those who are simply blind to the facts… Islam is not a religious cult in the strictest sense of the word but is today a major world religion, a false religion vastly different and opposed to Christianity. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world with one out of every five people on the face of the earth being a Muslim. It is considered to be one of the four largest religions in the world, behind Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism. It is estimated that soon, Islam will move ahead of Judaism to become the second largest religion. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world have embraced the Islamic faith to where entire countries are ruled and dominated by Islamic teachings, practices, and laws. Islam is a religious, social, and political force which every born-again Christian should be aware of.

For centuries, Christians have recognized Islam as a false religion… Until recently Muslims (or Mohammedans as they have been known in the past) have been the focus of evangelistic outreaches. But, today many people are considering Islam from a more universal point of view. It is often said that Christians, Jews, and Muslims worship the same God, but in different ways. Wrong!

Christianity today has many Churches proclaiming that all religions worship the same God and therefore we should embrace them. This means that they think it doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian or a Muslim and that you can find salvation through either religion (Chrislam). The West has lost faith in its own traditional religious values. Mainstream churches have endured decades of disturbing decline. Attendance is often in near freefall. The teachings of the Bible are questioned, and even God’s existence is seriously questioned in religious quarters. The Muslims, on the other hand, have NO such belief. In fact, Muslim doctrine teaches that Yeshua (Jesus) is just a prophet, not the manifestation of God in the flesh, and that He will return at the End Time to teach Christians the Muslim way and convert them. Some say that it is a very good indication that the Antichrist could rise as the “Mahdi of Islam” and will unite the Christian world with him via the false prophet and create a global Islamic religion? The Bible tells us that this End Time religion will be forced upon people or they will be killed if they refuse. The Muslim Quran states that the Muslims will kill any who won’t convert to Islam. The Bible tells us that the world will be fooled by the false prophet performing miracles in the sight of men, like pulling fire from the sky. The false prophet will seem to everyone to have Godly power, bring all religions together and will fool everyone into worshiping the Antichrist.

Muslims have capitalized on this misconception that we all serve the same God… and now urge Christians and Jews to worship the “one” God with them, and work together for solutions to the world’s many social problems. It is important to know some of the history and false doctrines of Islam, and to reject the new approach of this fast growing religion. The new image Islam is trying to present in the West is a far cry from the fanaticism and violence advocated by many Muslim leaders. Nevertheless, the devotion of Muslims in the West to Islamic principles is as uncompromising as any in the world. The irrational religious frenzy by which Islam has become recognized worldwide is covered by a facade of civility. Yet, Muslims around the world agree that Islamic laws and principles take precedence over the decency and morality of civilization. No matter how intellectual, civilized, or scientific Islam is made to appear… it is still a religion which embodies “another gospel”… “I am surprised at you! In no time at all you are deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ, and are accepting another gospel. Actually, there is no ‘other Gospel,’ but I say this because there are some people who are upsetting you and trying to change the Gospel of Christ,” Galatians 1:6-7. The Lord declares it accursed! (Galatians 1:8) Christians must be prepared to present the one true Gospel of salvation to Muslims, desiring that they be delivered from their religious bondage. The teachings (“gospel”) of Islam are something quite different.

Similar to many modern cults, Islam claims to revere the writings of all the prophets of the Bible; that Muhammad is the very last prophet of God to mankind and that he is the final “messenger” of God. Islam also claims that Muhammad was entrusted with the power of explaining, interpreting and living the teachings of the Quran. The most important thing for Christians to know when confronted with the teachings of a false religion is the Truth. It cannot be too forcefully stated that Christians must know the Scriptures! We must recognize that Joseph Smith (Mormonism), Charles T. Russell (Jehovah's Witnesses), Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science), and Ellen G. White (Seventh Day Adventism) have all claimed that same transcendent authority. And along with these, Muhammad was the bearer of wicked doctrines that have plunged many into the outer darkness of eternal torment.

In order for us to understand the basic history and beliefs of Islam, there are some religious terms that need to be defined…

1) Islam; is the name of the religion which came out of the so-called "revelations"... and teachings of Muhammad; it is the Arabic term for “submission.”

2) Muslim; name given to “one who adheres to or follows” the religion of Islam. It means: “one who submits.” A Muslim is to submit to the will of Allah as revealed by Muhammad.

According to the beliefs of Islam, the world is divided into two groups of people. All people fall into one group or the other. Which one are you…?

1. Dar al-Islam—the "house of Islam" or "house of submission" to Allah – Muslims.

2. Dar al-Harb, or "house of war"…those who are at war with Allahnon-Muslims.

If you are in the second group, you need to know that there are millions of Muslims who believe it is their mission to war against you. You will either give into their demands recognizing Islam’s "noble" rule, you will become a Muslim yourself, or you will die. Of course, the other possibility is that in their attempt to force you to become a servant in Allah’s government.

The religion of Islam has as its focus of worship a deity by the name of "Allah"… The religion of Islam has as its focus of worship a deity by the name of "Allah." The Muslims claim that Allah in pre-Islamic times was the biblical God of the Patriarchs, prophets, and apostles. The issue is thus one of continuity. Was "Allah" the biblical God or a pagan god in Arabia during pre-Islamic times? The Muslim's claim of continuity is essential to their attempt to convert Jews and Christians for if "Allah" is part of the flow of divine revelation in Scripture, then it is the next step in biblical religion. Thus we should all become Muslims. But, on the other hand, if Allah was a pre Islamic pagan deity, then its core claim is refuted. Religious claims often fall before the results of hard sciences such as archaeology. We can endlessly speculate about the past or go and dig it up and see what the evidence reveals. This is the only way to find out the truth concerning the origins of "Allah."

Archaeologists have uncovered temples to the Moon-god throughout the Middle East. From the mountains of Turkey to the banks of the Nile, the most widespread religion of the ancient world was the worship of the Moon-god. In the first literate civilization, the Sumerians have left us thousands of clay tablets in which they described their religious beliefs. The ancient Sumerians worshipped a Moon-god who was called many different names. The most popular names were Nanna, Suen and Asimbabbar. His symbol was the crescent moon. Given the amount of artefacts concerning the worship of this Moon-god, it is clear that this was the dominant religion in Sumeria. The cult of the Moon-god was the most popular religion throughout ancient Mesopotamia. The Assyrians, Babylonians, and the Akkadians took the word Suen and transformed it into the word Sin as their favourite name for the Moon-god. In ancient Syria and Canna, the Moon-god Sin was usually represented by the moon in its crescent phase. At times the full moon was placed inside the crescent moon to emphasize all the phases of the moon. The sun-goddess was the wife of Sin and the stars were their daughters. For example, Istar was a daughter of Sin. He was the Judge of men and gods. The Old Testament constantly rebuked the worship of the "Moon-god" religion what is today called ISLAM! (Deuteronomy 4:19;17:3; 2 Kings. 21:3,5; 23:5; Jeremiah 8:2; 19:13; Zephaniah 1:5)

In Old Testament times, Nabonidus (555-539 BC)… connected with Daniel 5:3, the last king of Babylon, built Tayma in Arabia as a centre of Moon-god worship. South Arabia’s stellar religion has always been dominated by the "Moon-god" in various variations. When the popularity of the Moon-god dwindled elsewhere, the Arabs remained true to their conviction that the "Moon-god" was the greatest of all gods. In fact, Allah was the Moon-god who was married to the "sun goddess" and the "stars" were his daughters. The three daughters, al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat are sometimes depicted together with "Allah the Moon-god" represented by a crescent moon above them. The evidence reveals that the temple of the Moon-god was active even in the Christian era. Evidence gathered from both North and South Arabia demonstrates that "Moon-god worship" and still a cult was clearly active even in Muhammad’s day. According to numerous inscriptions, while the name of the Moon-god was "Sin," his title was al-ilah, i.e. "the deity," meaning that he was the chief or high god among the gods. The Moon-god was called al-ilah, i.e. the god, which was shortened to Allah in pre-Islamic times. The pagan Arabs even used Allah in the names they gave to their children. For example, both Muhammad’s father and uncle had Allah as part of their names… The fact that they were given such names by their pagan parents proves that Allah was the title for the Moon-god even in Muhammad’s day. When the popularity of the "Moon-god" dwindled elsewhere, the Arabs remained true to their conviction that the Moon-god was the greatest of all gods.

While they worshipped 360 gods at the Kabah in Mecca, the "Moon-god" was the "chief deity"… Mecca was in fact built as a shrine for the Moon-god. This is what made it the most sacred site of Arabian paganism! In 1944, G. Caton Thompson revealed in her book, The Tombs and Moon Temple of Hureidha, that she had uncovered a temple of the Moon-god in southern Arabia. The symbols of the crescent moon and no less than twenty-one inscriptions with the name "Sin" were found in this temple. An idol which may be the Moon-god himself was also discovered. This was later confirmed by other well-known archaeologists.

The pagan Arabs worshipped the Moon-god Allah by praying toward Mecca several times a day… making a pilgrimage to Mecca… running around the temple of the Moon-god called the Kabah… kissing the black stone… killing an animal in sacrifice to the Moon-god… throwing stones at the devil… fasting for the month which begins and ends with the crescent moon… giving alms to the poor, etc. The Muslim's claim that Allah is the God of the Bible and that Islam arose from the religion of the prophets and apostles is refuted by solid, overwhelming archaeological evidence. Islam is nothing more than a revival of the ancient Moon-god cult.

It has taken the symbols, the rites, the ceremonies, and even the name of its god from the ancient pagan religion of the Moon-god. As such, it is sheer idolatry and must be rejected by all those who follow the Torah and Gospel.

Before Muhammad (570-632 AD), there was no Islam, and there were no Muslims. Muhammad is their self-appointed prophet. At the initial stage, Islam was an absurd truth claim like a practical joke, but when Muhammad was able to draw the sword and successfully used it… the whole thing became serious. While estimating the significance of Muhammad, we should not judge him solely as a “mystic or religious reformer,” though he may have portrayed both, but rather… as a ruthless politician and opportunist pressed with peculiar political problems amongst barbarous people and at a critical moment of history. The early Arabs did not believe in his prophetic claim… and there is sufficient proof that Muhammad was taken aback when those intellectuals of Mecca pointed to the weaknesses of the Quran (Koran)… They fell heavily on Muhammad and pressed him hard demanding answers and explanations to the irrationalities they spotted in the Quran. By seeing the irrationalities, there was “apostasy” in large scale during Muhammad’s time and even after his death. Many early Muslims were just opportunists and not at all religious. They had joined Muhammad only for booty and captured women for sex. Those tribal Arabs lacked any deep religious sense. They only wanted worldly successes. Many confessed their belief but had no inclination towards Islam and its dogma and ritual. It is estimated that at the death of Muhammad the number who really converted to Muhammad’ doctrine did not exceed a thousand (Warraq, 2003, p. 41). Present day cultists perform much better than Muhammad in gaining followers.

The Quran itself confirms that there were Arab sceptics in Mecca who did not accept the ‘fables’ recounted by Muhammad… They doubted the ‘divine’ origin of the revelations and certainly, they had every right to do so. They even accused him of stealing from the pagan Arab poets words. Some verses of the Quran were attributed to al-Qays (a.k.a Imra’ul Qays) a famous pre-Islamic Arabian poet (Warraq, 2003, p. 41). Muhammad had stolen several poems from the work of this poet and added them to his Quran. It was the custom of the poets’ and the orators to hang up the composition of their literary work upon the Kabah. One day, Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad was repeating two passages from Sabaa Mu’allaqat. Suddenly she met the daughter of Imra’ul Qays, who cried out, “O that’s what your father had taken from one of my father’s poems and calls it something that has come down to him out of heaven” (Warraq, 1998, p. 235-6). Even today this story is told amongst Arabs.

Though Muhammad started off adult life as a pacifist, he ultimately became a warmonger, killing whomever he pleased to advance his beliefs and goals. He became anti-Semitic, warring, and a judge, jury, and executioner. He led twenty-seven military campaigns against innocent villages and caravans and he planned at least thirty-eight more.

The Quran and its teachings… are traditionally taught that there is no ceremony, no ritual involved in a person who wants to become a Muslim. All one has to do is to believe and say; “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.” After saying this, the person is obligated to do all the duties of Islam... We are reminded that the word “Muslim” means… one who submits! Islam basically offers the world two choices: the Quran (conversion) or the sword (death). According to the teaching of the Quran (Koran), conversion to Islam can either be by persuasion or force!  We must understand that the spread of Islam through the centuries has been carried out largely on the battlefield. Islam has been advanced by the widespread use of war, torture, and force of arms. Islam has swept over the world slaughtering Jews and Christians alike. Islam is a fighting religion and conquest is a religious duty in Islam!

Jihad is an often a misunderstood term because it is almost always downplayed by Muslims to hide its true meaning… In essence, it is a religious “obligation and mandatory,” but there is disagreement over its definition. As defined by so-called moderates... Jihad is often defined as the “inner struggle” that the Muslim goes through to become perfected in righteousness. For the radical Muslim, jihad is defined as the physical combat that Muslims must undertake on Allah’s behalf against infidels (unbelievers; non-Muslims). Jihad can be physical warfare or even verbal or written propaganda. The Muslim himself might die. It is still a win-win situation for him because in that case, he believes in death he will be rewarded with virgins aplenty. We cannot imagine what the shock will be like of realizing that this is simply not true once they get into the afterlife! To the radical Muslim, moderates are “sinners.” Radicals will also kill moderates just as easily since they kill unbelievers because they see moderates as working against Allah.

The Quran urges Muslims to take up arms against the “infidel” (anyone who is not a Muslim): “When ye encounter unbelievers, strike off their heads until ye have made a great slaughter among them, and bind them in bonds.” In another place it says… “those who fight against you, kill them wherever ye shall find them Allah are our protector. Give us victory therefore over the infidel nations.” Kill thy enemy…is the practical teaching of Islam!

Islam teaches that Allah will win in the end and everyone will be brought under the yoke of Islam, willingly or unwillingly. Everything will be ruled by the Muslim government and Shariah law will be the rule of law!

The Bloody History of Islam… Having surveyed the incidents which took place during the life of Muhammad! It is appropriate to mention the events which occurred after his death and how the “Caliphs” who succeeded him carried out the same Muhammadic principle and the Qur’anic instructions. The history of Islam talks to us with two bloodied hands! The blood of peaceful people who safely inhabited the land until they were invaded by the Muslim armies that marched from the Arab Peninsula after the death of Muhammad… and in the name of spreading the religion, they killed millions of people, and in the name of exalting the word of their pagan god, Allah, they plundered properties and divided the “booty” of women and children among themselves, the same way that Muhammad did in the course of his campaigns. These Arab Islamic armies obeyed Muhammad’s orders and the Qur’anic commands. They believed that spreading Islam and taking the material abundance that came from Allah.

People who have killed, plundered, and otherwise acted in treachery cannot point to either a New Testament passage or an example of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) to justify their ungodly behaviour. BUT, On the other hand, Islamic terrorists can point to both the teachings of the Quran and the example of their founder; Mohammed. Since both the Quran and the example of Mohammed teach treachery!

Crucial differences between Christianity and Islam… The Christian religion draws its teaching and values from a large number of books, written over a 1,500-year period, that collectively form the Bible. The Old Testament prophets and the New Testament apostles wrote down, while “divinely inspired,” the content of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures. In contrast, while Islam teaches that the Bible is revealed Scripture, it also claims that the Bible has been corrupted and superseded by the Quran. This book, which is about the size of the New Testament, is supposedly based on divine communication to Islam's founder, Muhammad (A.D. 570-632). The Quran is supplemented by the Hadith a traditional record of other sayings and acts of Muhammad. While Islam and Christianity claim belief in one God, the God of the Bible and Allah of the Quran ARE NOT one and the same. “Islam begins and ends with the concept that there is no God but Allah. Allah is all-powerful, sovereign and unknowable.”

According to the Bible, Allah is NOT God and Mohammed is not his prophet, they are NOT even mentioned, and the Quran is NOT the Word of God.

Islam is a false religion and utterly without power to save from sin because it doesn't recognize Yeshua (Jesus Christ) as the Saviour. No person, no matter how religious or how sincere he may be, can possess truth or salvation apart from the Yeshua HaMashiach (Lord Jesus Christ). The person and work of Christ is the crucial divider between Christianity and Islam. Christ’s atoning death is the perfect and only sacrifice which God will accept on behalf of sinners. While the Arabic word Allah means “god,” the fact that Allah is pictured in the Quran as so distant, abstract and transcendent as to be un-knowable helps to show that Allah is NOT just another name for our God, Jehovah / Yahweh, as some mistakenly believe. Our Creator has revealed His personhood and merciful, compassionate nature in His Word. In contrast to the Muslim view of Allah, the God of the Bible is knowable; “…but let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am Jehovah, doing kindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth; for in these I delight, says Jehovah.” Jeremiah 9:24

It is also important to understand why governments throughout the world appear to be turning a blind eye to Islam…! It’s not simply America that allows Islam privileges that are denied to Christians. Being a Christian doesn’t mean being “nice” and getting along with everyone. Read the New Testament. John the Baptist didn’t get along with everyone… Neither did Yeshua (Jesus)… Neither did His apostles and other followers. Why do we think that if we become righteously indignant about what is wrong with society, we are somehow bringing dishonour to Christ? Sorry, it’s the other way around. By remaining silent, we become complacent and because of that we bring dishonour to God!

What role does Islam play in the world? Moreover, what is the outcome of Islam? These questions continue to come to mind to those who see the conflict between Islam and the West rise. One cannot help but see the conflicts all around the world, and see the role Islam plays. We have the threat of Islamic terrorism, which affects Muslim countries as well Western countries. Where is this conflict headed…? For those who study Bible prophecy, the conflict in the Middle East is NO mystery, the final battle according to the Bible, Armageddon, is located in Israel.

The miracle of the nation of Israel cannot be under estimated, if one tries to understand these conflicts around the world, and their conclusion… Ezekiel, 2600 years ago, along with the other prophets of the Bible, foretold of a national re-birth of Israel, gathered from the nations (Ezekiel 36-37). Ezekiel followed this by describing a “confederation of nations” who would attack a reborn, nation assembled out of the nations in Ezekiel 38 and 39. This event is known in the Bible as the battle of Gog and Magog. The battle of Gog and Magog is an event, which plays a prominent role in Islamic, Jewish and Christian eschatology. Although the scenarios have different results, all three faiths see Gog and Magog as a major event. In short, the battle Gog and Magog is war in the latter days (Last days) when a confederacy of nations attack Israel. These nations, which attack Israel in Ezekiel 38 and 39, include nations, which are Muslim and have a clear hatred to Israel. This confederacy of nations comes against Israel, God, who through Ezekiel foretells the event, defeats them. This conflict establishes Israel and restores them to the land in preparation of their redemption. The conflict also reminds the world, why Israel went into captivity for the last two-thousand years (Ezekiel 39:28). It is the transition to the time, known as the “Day of the Lord,” the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble,” and the “Tribulation” Period. Scripture reveals the details to those who take the Bible literally.

How did the world arrive at where they are? To know where the world is going… it’s important to know how we got where we are. The situation in the world today, is the result of thousands of years of history, which will culminate in the land of Israel in the last days. Israel from the beginning was part of God’s prophetic plan is clear from scripture, both Old and New Testaments detail how the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel), are linked to the land of Canaan (Israel). Moses in Deuteronomy 9:5 writes regarding the land and the descendents of Jacob who were given the land by God in the days of Moses and Joshua. Israel the restored nation, brought back into the land, comes into conflict with Islam. Islamic nations took possession of the land from the Byzantine Empire, after they were defeated in Palestine (Israel) in A.D 637. Remember… Rome in A.D. 70, destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple. They destroyed Jerusalem a 2nd time under the Emperor Hadrian A.D. 135. For clarity sake, let’s see how these stages in Israel’s history are connected to today’s events.

Islam as a threat to Israel… One hundred years ago, there was NO threat of Islam against Israel, because there was NO Israel! Today that has all changed, since the first of Israel’s creation in 1948, the Muslim nations have raged against it, threatening to send the Jews into the sea from the first day of their creation. The origin of this rage against the Jews and Israel as noted earlier, dates back to the time Mohammad fled from Mecca to Medina. In Medina, the Jews rejected his claim of prophet, and ridiculed him. His rage against them transferred to the Quran, which was later transferred to all Muslims through the Quran. Muslims today, compose over 20% of the Earth’s population, 1.3 billion people. Muslim nations surround Israel, and oppose their existence, even after loosing five major conflicts. Currently the great Islamic threat comes from Iran, which has openly called for the destruction of the Jewish State, while at the same time trying to develop nuclear capability. Islam will remain a threat to Israel… until either Islam or Israel attains a decisive victory over the other. Since Israel’s very existence remains in doubt “from the world perspective,” the conclusion to this Islam/Israel conflict needs to be understood from a prophetic viewpoint.

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The Temple of the Dome of the Rock is the third most holy place for Islam, located in the heart of Jerusalem. The Dome of the Rock is a building that according to Islam commemorates Mohammad’s "so-called" ascent into Heaven. There according to Islam, Muhammad received the confirmation of Islam by the biblical prophets and the Lord Himself.  The Dome of the Rock also happens to be the Most Holy location of Judaism, where according to the Bible, God instructed Israel to build a Temple… Only on this spot alone can Israel establish a place of sacrifice to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This creates quite a problem in the world today. We have two groups of people, both with claims to the same location. Yet according to Bible prophecy, a Third Temple will be constructed on this very location. Therefore, if a Third Temple is to be constructed, then at some point the Dome of the Rock or Noble Sanctuary must be removed. Since Islam in a unified voice, on numerous occasions has threatened world wide war, if the Dome of the Rock is harmed, it’s logical to conclude that Islam as a power and threat needs to be removed before the Temple is rebuilt or a compromise be reached with peace talks. The prophetic war in the Bible, the war of Gog and Magog, though not stated explicitly, implies the war is caused by a conflict over the Temple and the Dome of the Rock.

The Jewish view of Gog and Magog…Rabbinical writers also see the events of Gog and Magog as taking place at the "End of day", when the nations of the world come against Israel to destroy the Jewish people. Gog and Magog is a major part of Jewish eschatology (Last things), in the days of Messiah. Though the events differ among rabbinical commentators, most write that in the battle of Magog, Messiah son of Joseph is killed by Armilus (the Antichrist) after he rebuilds the Temple. Israel then goes through a period of persecution, which ends with the coming of Messiah son of David… who destroys Armilus and begins the reign of Messiah! (Midrash)

The Muslim view of Gog and Magog…The Muslim view of Gog and Magog differs from both the Christian and Jewish view, in the end the Muslims and not the Jews are victors against Gog and Magog. The origin in the Quran can be traced to the legends of Alexander the Great, which developed around him. In the Quran, Alexander the Great is referred to as "O Dhul-Qarneyn," Alexander builds an Iron wall of metal separating Gog and Magog to the North. At the end of time, according to the Quran, Gog and Magog will be released; they will be an enemy of Islam. The problem is of course, Gog and Magog are attacking Israel in the Biblical account, written over almost 1000-years before Mohammad was even born. The Jewish community of Medina, where he would have learned about Gog and Magog, influenced Mohammad, except in his version, Islam defeats Gog and Magog (Surah 21:95-98).

The Biblical view of Gog and Magog… The Biblical view differs from both the Muslim and Rabbinical Jewish view, since the rabbinical view focuses on the Biblical material and the Muslim view has results, which makes Islam the victor at the end. In the biblical view, alliances of nations, including Russia (Magog) from the North and Iran (Persia), Gomer (Turkey) along with other nations make an alliance against Israel. These other nations include Libya and Ethiopia both Muslim nations today. Togarmah is identified as Armenia; they supplied horses and mules as tribute to Babylon (Ezekiel 27:14).

A great spiritual battle is waged in the world… It will serve NO purpose to only consider the military implications of this war as there are strong spiritual powers at work behind the scenes. Militant Islamic organisations and countries are waging a demonic-inspired war against Israel. See Zechariah 14:12-13 and Joel 3:2 on the divine wrath that will be poured out upon them in the near future.

We hope that you enjoy and become more informed by our work. We serve an awesome God and we are humbled by this opportunity to bring you this information. With Shalom to you and your family always,

Alf & Julie Saunders

15th August, 2014

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