The New World Dis-Order!


Shalom Partner and Friend of Israel,

"Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth rise up and the ruler’s band together against the LORD and against his anointed, saying, ‘Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles,’" Psalm 2:1-3.

The prophetic time clock is winding down… and God is orchestrating human events to fall in line with His written Word. The movements of nations, plans of governments and the spirit of antichrist are all conspiring to thwart God’s will …but ultimately the Word of God will prevail! The fact is that the "elites" of this pagan world don't like our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) very much. Even in the countries with a democratically elected government godly people do not make up more than half of the population. Their notion of a "moral majority" is a myth. The crowds, even in so called "Christian nations" are just like the crowds that gathered before Pilate 2,000 years ago. They are against Christ and they are against His Covenant people and Israel. When Pontius Pilate brought the suffering Yeshua (Jesus) before the crowds, people who should have known the Judeo-Christian God, and asked for their judgment - what did they say? They said, "Away with Him! Crucify Him!" They preferred to have a "winner," someone like a certain zealous murderer and robber named Barabbas. People love Darkness more than they love light! Are our crowds today much different…? The principalities and powers of this world despise our Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus). They want Him and His Righteous Rule to stay up in Heaven or at least well away from them. Their agenda, as usual, is to defile, degrade, and discredit the Covenant people of God - whether they are Jewish or Christian. They will try to put their pagan thing in the Holy place, even in our hearts and in the Holy City of Jerusalem (Matthew 24:15). Evangelicals and true believers of Yeshua (Jesus) are marginalized and alienated, in the popular culture and in some cases ridiculed and persecuted especially in the Middle East. Every day many Christians die for their faith in Messiah Yeshua …and the Jewish people, descendants of Judah and possessors of the Throne of King David, are similarly despised! A large proportion of the (U.N.) United Nations Resolutions are all about causing grief for the little nation of Israel. The world powers are forever trying to get Israel to "give in" and to "surrender" her sceptre of sovereignty and to divide up her land and give chunks of it to the so-called "Palestinians". Why this combined assault on the priesthood and the Kingdom of God…? What is going on here…? Three thousand years ago King David wrote a song about the End Time conspiracy of the nations. Psalm 2 tells of the nation’s rising up in anger and joining together to conspire and plot against the rule of the Coming Christ and Messiah. This is happening with escalating ferocity! We should watch Europe and Greece in particular. But in the long-term, we will see a major push for more European integration. Germany and France will be at the core of this movement, and other European nations will join them. The British people may not participate any time soon, but the dream of a United States of Europe is far from dead. And if the advocates of increased European integration have their way, we will be seeing their dream become a reality sooner rather than later!

Once again, history is repeating itself and the instability and lawlessness in and around the world is on the rise in the US and especially in Europe. Many countries in the Middle East and around the world are on edge! Except now it’s more dangerous, because Iran an arch enemy of Israel has a nuclear deal with the US. And, there are many other countries and rogue nations also with nuclear weapons capability …so the stakes are much higher! In recent months we have been witnessing the rise of ISIS forming their Caliphate with numerous random terrorist attacks and conflicts all over the world. The writing is on the wall that these terrible events show NO sign of lessening …but, in fact are on the increase. While the West remains weak with some sort of attack being reported every day on innocent civilians, women and including children …it doesn’t take a genius to understand that something is terribly amiss in the world! Such terror WILL find its way into all our streets, shopping centres, malls, sporting facilities and affect our families, our communities and our way of life and everyone will be affected in some way or the other. These seemingly random events are linked …and are but the signs warning us that World War 3 is on the horizon! The stage is now being set! Any one of these incidents could become the tipping point for the start of next World War, where weapons of mass destruction will most likely be used and it could be like a ticking bomb just waiting for a fuse to be lit!

“Peace and safety” in 1 Thessalonians 5 is connected to the “end of the world” …because it’s specifically talking about; The Day of the Lord.” The past century the earth has experienced two World Wars. During those times of war people, the world over was crying out for “peace and safety.” However, neither World War I nor World War II was interrupted by sudden destruction from God. With another World War looming on the horizon, we must wait to see if this is the moment in history when God will “suddenly” step into the affairs of man with his destructive powers. Time will tell!

We know that the human race cannot survive very long without peace and safety. The current situation in Syria and Iraq is a prophetic sample of things to come for the whole world! Syria and Iraq hopelessly languishes because there is NO peace and safety. Even the US the world’s most powerful military won’t do much through Obama and his Administration to impose “peace and safety” in this unstable environment. The Apostle Paul tells us in; 1 Thessalonians 5 that a time is coming when the whole world will reach a “hopeless state of violence and unrest” - like what ISIS is doing in Syria and Iraq …and what we are now witnessing in Europe and various parts of the world today. People will be crying out for “peace and safety” because there is none! When the world reaches this point, look out! God will arise and take matters into His own hands! The time period designated; “The Day of the Lord,” will begin with the casting down of the censer in Revelation 8:2-6. This is the event and that will catch most people on Earth by surprise!

The “New World Order” is a term used to describe the uniting of the world's superpowers and elite’s to secure and maintain so-called “Global Peace, Safety and Security.” Synonymous with the term (NWO) “New World Order” - are the terms; one-world government, global governance, globalization. All these terms are used interchangeably and at different times to communicate to different audiences. Make no mistake - they all basically mean the same thing! The first attempt to establish a New World Order” was by a united humanity of the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating from the East, who came to the land of Shinar and built the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11). Later, Satan tempted even Yeshua (Jesus), promising Him world dominion as His reward (Matthew 4:1-11). This same promise has been given to scores of other men over the ages. History tells of many who have accepted the Great Deceiver's terms. Adolph Hitler said during World War II; “National Socialism will use its own revolution for establishing a “New World Order!”

While Nazi Germany was destroyed, the Nazi ideals of a (NWO) New World Order, continues to this day and Hitler's philosophies are embraced by modern day World Leaders like Angela Merkel. Today's modern society is becoming more and more anti-Semitic especially in Europe where Jews are being persecuted in France and Germany repeating the past …and reconstituting much of the Nazi ideology. Just as Adolph Hitler used terror tactics to subdue his competitors, today radical Islam, ISIS, Hamas and other terrorist groups and governments sympathetic to the Palestinian cause still use those same anti-Semitic tactics to dominate their rivals and against Israel and the Jewish people. Just as Hitler's masterful use of propaganda lulled the German population into accepting his extreme agenda, populations today are being tranquilized into the same kind of mindless submission to authority.

“At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.” Matthew 24:11.

Many of his supporters and most of the News Media have presented Barack Obama as a “miracle-working messiah” who promises to cure all ills for everyone. Following his historic election as President of the United States it was not uncommon to witness his faithful followers in the throes of adoration fitting for a messiah. The Obama Administration has since been fully infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, terrorist organization, saying that; “the transformation of America has been in full swing ever since 2008 and the current US President Obama supports these terrorists knowing they want to destroy Israel!” It is no wonder that Barack Obama refuses to utter the words… “radical Islamic terrorism!” He would be describing members of his family and many close friends and allies. Obama’s and Hilary Clinton’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood was also apparent in his handling of the Egyptian revolution during the so-called “Arab Spring” in 2011. Within hours of an uprising breaking out in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood was founded, Obama spoke out against long time American ally, Hosni Mubarak and demanded the Egyptian ruler step aside. Mubarak had for decades kept the peace between the Muslim world and Israel and was an outspoken opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood!

The eight years of the US President Obama effect is - and has been very dangerous …and quiet honestly we don’t believe that he will simply just retire when he leaves office in January 2017!  His Administration has left the Middle East is in chaos, Russia is a superpower again, Iran has a nuclear agreement and is resurging, Europe is a mess, Christianity is under attack and many Christians have been martyred and he has endorsed ungodly lifestyles and teachings that are getting stronger with violence increasing.  The evil this man has unleashed in this world is sickening. Way back in 2008, when we first saw him being elected as the Democratic President of America we told everyone that this man is evil and how true this has come to be!  Obama’s words speak of racial divide, disunity, lawlessness, disorder, chaos and simply anarchy …and he knows exactly what he is doing!  He, as well as the elites, know that their plans are being attacked by Brexit, Trump, Republicans, Israel, and Christians …and they want blood …and they will do anything to get what they want

Vladimir Putin said that he is sending an aircraft carrier with up to 30 attack fighters to Syria to fight ISIS who doesn’t have an air force or army that requires such military response. The aircraft carrier will be stationed between October 2016 and January 2017 or short of a new US President to take office.  Does Russia sense a weak Obama where it can exert its will in the Middle East until a stronger President is elected…?  We truly believe that the months from October through January 2017 could be on the highest alert for the Ezekiel 38 Gog/Magog War in a very long time.

The coup storm of Erdogan's is likely to affect the list foreign friends as he drags Turkey even faster down the road of an authoritarian, party-state rule. One should have no doubt that Erdogan kept an account of which countries condemned the coup attempt and those who kept silent and which ones waited to see who would prevail. The support of two countries - Russia and Iran, both Turkey's rivals in Syria must be thickly underlined in his black book now. Along with its many consequences that it will have in the USA, the July 15, attempted coup - staged by Erdogan to gain more hard-line Islamist power in Turkey may have important repercussions on Ankara especially regarding Syria. And, the apology that Ankara extended to Russia for the 24th November, 2015 downing of a Russian jet had already raised expectations that normalization with Russia could ease Turkey’s U-turn from its failed Syria policy. Turkish Prime Minister Yildirim, signalled to that effect although he later attached strings related to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's departure as Turkey wants him overthrown and removed from power! Turkey's inadequate support for the international coalition against the Islamic State (ISIS); its hostile policies toward the Kurds in Turkey and Northern Syria; support for groups fighting the Syrian government; and disagreements on targeting Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda's Syrian branch and other “Salafi” groups such as Ahrar al-Sham. Unlike Ankara’s Western allies, Iran did not wait for the coup’s failure to speak up. In a subsequent phone call, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told Turkish President Erdogan the coup attempt was …"a test to identify your domestic and foreign friends and enemies!" Iran is zestfully reporting claims that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were involved in the coup attempt in an apparent hope this might encourage Ankara to change its axis. The turmoil is threatening to strain relations with the European Union, too, as the crackdown on suspected pro-coup forces looks likely to go beyond the bounds of law. Erdogan calls to reinstate the death penalty, the prospect of grave human rights violations and an all-encompassing witch hunt against government opponents emerge as potential issues of a showdown with their European partners. We need to brace ourselves the storm is on the horizon!

A weak West, a resurgent Russia, a power hungry Erdogan of Turkey who in July had this failed military coup and a hungry Iran is a good recipe for the Gog/Magog War.  Whether the coup in Turkey was staged or not, there is a strong feeling …that this coup has changed the Middle East more than anything this year!  Turkey's President is purging his enemies and there seems to be a preparation from the Turkish government to purge society to form an Islamic Republic similar to Iran.  There is a thawing of relations between Russia and Turkey …and Iran has been strangely silent about the current events.  Russia will have their largest naval ship in the Mediterranean Sea from October through January 2017 - a possible window of the Ezekiel War of 38/39.  As October approaches, you have a strong Russian presence, a Turkish government that is more aligned with Iran than ever before, and an American President who will allow an attack on Israel.  The next American President may not do that so it has to be during Obama’s term as he is very sympathetic to Islamists. Iran may have had something to do with the coup and we may never know …but certainly Iran sat by and allowed the Turkish President to stage a coup that will allow Turkey and Iran to fight hand in hand.  Turkey has a very large military financed by the US and Western governments.  So we believe that the Turkish coup was very significant! We need to watch to see how Turkey, Iran, and Russia align themselves.  This could have huge prophetic ramifications. Time will tell! We living in very interesting prophetic times!

Here’s another thing to think about… former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plans to regain power in the May 2017 Iranian election and descend the Muslim nation into even further Islamic extremism! He was the 6th president of Iran and held the post for two terms from 2005 to 2013. The hardliner repeatedly thumbed his nose at western countries with regards to Iran's nuclear program. During that time, he became a controversial figure on the world stage and was well known for bombastic and hate-laden speeches at the United Nations. His final U.N. speech called for wiping Israel from the face of the Earth. As Joel C. Rosenberg reported, “He aspires to be a mass murderer beyond the scale of Adolf Hitler. He deserves to be in prison, or an insane asylum. His (Sept. 2011) speech before the U.N. General Assembly was further proof, if any more were needed. He denied the Holocaust. He blasted the U.S. for bringing Osama Bin Laden to justice. He blamed the terrorist attacks 9/11 on the U.S. government.”

During his final days in office, Ahmadinejad vowed to return with the Islamic messiah the “Hidden Imam," who according to Shiite belief will reappear to take control of humanity before Judgment Day. Undoubtedly, should Ahmadinejad seize power in Iran, the country’s so-called steps toward normalized global relations would be washed away. Confrontation and a renewed aggressive nuclear program would resume in the already unstable region and especially since the current US president Obama and Secretary Kerry have sold the world the lie to give Iran nuclear power through a sinister nuclear deal! But even more disturbing, if Ahmadinejad truly believes his “End of Days” Islamic ideology that his return to power - marks the coming of the 12th Imam sword …then Israel has far more to fear than the idle rants of this lunatic. If Ahmadinejad regains power, most analysts believe it will only be a matter of time before Israel feels it has no choice but to strike first! Israel has vowed it will NEVER allow Iran to achieve nuclear weapons under a man who has promised to “wipe them out.” God is still in control!

Germany’s next election… Well here’s another interesting fact coming from TEHRAN (Fars News Agency 07/06/2016); An Iranian national whose name is seen among the next German presidential election - said to be held on 12th February, 2017 is one of the candidates. Navid Kermani, 48, holds a doctorate in Islamic studies and has written novels with special readers. He is a prominent figure in the German society. There will be at least one key difference between the next German presidential election and the last two: People are going to have a lot more time to speculate about who the candidates will be, whereas the 2010 and 2012 elections had to be called quickly after the unexpected resignations. So will all Angela Merkel’s plans that brought in millions of so-called Muslim refugees now bear the harvest of rotten fruit as Germany becomes more under Islamic control…? Time will tell!

Israel should be worried - but then not… as God will save Israel in that day! And, Israel will begin to seek out the Messiah after the Gog/Magog War.  We have a European Union (E.U.) Super-State on the verge of taking shape after Britain’s Brexit vote …and in fact it is now going to accelerate that maybe one of the “horns” being pulled from the EU - a reactivated peace process? And now as we watch the Russian military building up in Syria at lightning speed!  Interesting days ahead! The world is being played like a fiddle.  Remember, Apostle Paul speaks of the “Big Lie” in the End of Days.  We have thought for a long time the “Big Lie” is that man is in control of his own decisions and destiny as he is “a god” himself (1 Corinthians 8:5-6; Isaiah 44:6).  This is much like what Adam and Eve went through as they were duped by Satan the “Great Deceiver” in believing that they would be “as gods” (Genesis 3:5).  Do not accept this Big Lie!  Even if we are somewhat wrong, we don't believe we are wrong in the underlying premise of the lie.  Everyone is being conditioned that they are a victim of society, and that they must take matters in their own hands with guidance from the government who are playing people like puppets.  The world governments are enslaving us all, and making the horde of people believe their wants and needs supersede those of their neighbours, or they must act as if they are god and not servants of God.  What the governments of the world do not like are the uncompromising Jews and Christians who do not bow down to the world authorities!  One day the whole world will be in a state of emergency, and when that day comes, our Lord Yeshua will be seen in the clouds!

The truth is that the "Globalists" are not about to give up so easily! Britain was always one of the stumbling blocks that stood in the way but now that they are out and there is great fear that the entire European project may be in jeopardy and there seems to be a rush to go for broke and try to complete the job of European integration and continue massive Muslim migration.  The Express is one of the biggest news organizations in the UK, and they reported that the foreign ministers of France and Germany already have a blueprint …"to effectively do away with individual member states" in what is being described as an "ultimatum!"

Under the radical proposals EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels. Controversially member states would also lose what few controls they have left over their own borders, including the procedure for admitting and relocating Muslim refugees. Shocked or stunned…? We were! But, when you look at it God’s way these things must come to pass and our salvation is drawing closer by the day! Did they come up with this blueprint before the Brexit vote or after…? And, do they plan to allow the citizens of individual nations to vote on any of this…? Of course it would have been totally unrealistic to expect backers of European integration to go down without a fight.  After all, what did we expect them to do - throw up their hands and admit that the British people are right and that the EU is a failure? No, that was never going to happen. Obama warned about isolating Britain and the elite are going to make the British people pay for what they have done. In addition, the British people are being inundated by mainstream news stories telling them what a horrible mistake they made. And as the crisis in Europe gets progressively worse, the "solution" that will be heralded by mainstream news organizations will be increased European integration.  

The world elite are desperate to rescue a European project that is considered to be "dying" in the eyes of many...  For example, Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman just compared what is happening in Europe right now to the collapse of the Soviet Union. While it's "unreasonable to draw direct parallels," it's obvious that the UK is going through turbulent, confusing and unpredictable period. Merkel told her conservative party board in a conference call that it was necessary to prevent other EU members going down the same path as Britain and is also said to have revealed that international financial markets are concerned the EU is 'no longer governable' in the wake of Britain's exit vote. The elitists that run the EU don't really care about the will of the people, and they will work very hard to prevent more referendums from being held. In an age of "democracy," the EU is one of the most undemocratic political institutions in the entire Western World. In the short-term, it is entirely possible that we could see more nations leave the EU? 

We are convinced the “New World ‘DIS’– ORDER” is in fact the Antichrist system of “command” and “control” being set up to fulfil Bible prophecy that will eventually lead to the introduction of the “Mark of the Beast!” The Bible says that the Beast is going to “rise up” and will take over the whole world. The spirit of Babylon is going to be throughout the world. A great deception! The people are going to believe what they are given and believe what they are shown …and what they are told! They will be sympathizers of what they are told and they will defend it and in fact support it! They will love “The Beast” and worship “The Beast”, meaning they will love their new system of government. They will love what is proposed to them and they will love their rescue …and they will love their rescuers. The prophet Daniel described this New World Order this way: “...and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and broke in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns. I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things,” Daniel 7:7-8. Yes, the Scriptures tells us of the establishment of a “New World Order” set up by the Antichrist in the Last Days. Indeed, the devil must have a “dictatorial” form of government if he is to rule the world. It is being slowly implemented in governments through laws and regulations and it is also happening in some churches with a “new Spiritually” by introducing “One World Religion” until ultimately it will be in the hands of an elite of intelligent politically-connected religious-minded people in league with the Antichrist (Daniel 7:23-25).

Actually the start of this next World War began way back at the beginning of creation - where war began with “rebellion” in heaven and before humanity’s creation …and today in our generation we are witnessing rebellion on a very great scale! When Satan rebelled against God it was a time when God had brought into existence a world of immortal beings, with diverse ranks and classes. It began with “rebellion” and will end with “rebellion!” Unfortunately, the spirit world is often depicted as being something of pastel clouds with its inhabitants holding harps, having see-through bodies and wings in a world of bliss. However, this is NOT at all the spirit realm! Eternal life does not equal supernatural. It is as real as the material world that we are familiar with, possessing greater depth and dimension than that of our own! The conflict in our world today started in the heart of a very beautiful angel named Lucifer, “the Shining One.” He was one of many members of the heavenly bodies present when the Creation of our Earth took place. “When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy…,” Job 38:7.

In Revelation 12, we are given a prophetic view of Satan’s final attack against the Jewish people during this Age and describes Satan’s original fall. However, this is not a record of the past but of the future that will unfold during the Great Tribulation. Satan is shown in a final battle between himself and the archangel, Michael who has been given charge over Israel to stand up and fight for her in the Last Days (Daniel 12:1). 

The “great red dragon” (Revelation 12:9), who is a symbolic metaphor of Satan as an emblem of evil and cruelty, is seen to be standing ready to devour this child before he is caught up into heaven. In verse 4, this event is considered to be a mid-term rapture of this special group of Jewish evangelists, who have finished their work on the earth. This rapture should not be confused with the removal of the Church that precedes the Tribulation. The timing of the dragon’s attack occurs at the mid-point of the seven-year covenant between Israel and the last European Ruler. It is at this time that the antichrist will move to take control of the Jewish Temple, which will have been built on Mount Moriah (Temple Mount). Daniel 9:27, states that he will stop the daily sacrifices that had been reinstated three and a half years earlier. This positions Revelation 12 with the “abomination of desolation” spoken of by Daniel (Matthew 24:15). The child is safely caught up into heaven, but the woman is left to face an enraged Satan, who turns his armies on Israel to destroy her. Here the “red dragon” is engaged in a fierce warfare against the natural seed of Abraham for the remainder of the Great Tribulation. At the point of attack, large numbers of Jews are now beginning to believe the Messiah’s warnings, as recorded in the Gospels, concerning the warning to leave Jerusalem and the province of Judah in an attempt to escape the wrath of the dragon (Luke 21:20-24). They will head toward the Southern portion of modern Jordan (the wilderness), where the woman will find safety in “Sela” the city of rock called Petra” - until Messiah returns to re-gather Israel back for the last time into her homeland (Isaiah 16:1; 4-5; Isaiah 63:1-6).

The “Great Red Dragon” is well-pictured as Satan, who is intent on destroying and murdering God’s people and in his vengeance against Jews, who have safe-guarded the message of Yahweh, God. However, while the majority of Jewish people have fled Jerusalem, as evidenced by the woman fleeing from the antichrist and his armies, God has some very disturbing plans for antichrist. First, the earth opens up and swallows up part of the army that is pursuing Israel (Revelation 12:16). From there, he returns back toward Jerusalem but discovers that half of the city has fortified itself with strong Jewish resistance (Zechariah 14:2). This resistance will miraculously continue until Christ returns to judge all nations that have gathered against the Holy City of Jerusalem. Zechariah 12:7-9 describes how God will defend Jerusalem until His return. “In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them…” From the weakest to the strongest Jew, committed to fighting against the tyranny of the antichrist, they will receive strength from God as great warriors, like that of King David, leading the inhabitants of Jerusalem in stiff resistance against the armies of the antichrist until the Messiah’s return.

It seems that we are in a “relay race” through history and the final leg may well be just ahead… And what a climactic passage that will be! God is even now “calling out” His people for the final leg of the relay race. He is looking for those who are willing to participate (Hebrews 12:1). It will be a race calling for great devotion, determination and endurance and the ones 'who through faith and patience inherit the promises (Hebrews 6:12). As these runners approach the finish line the whole company of the saints along with the angelic host will be watching …and when they break the tape at the end of the race they will be on their feet cheering …It will be a great victory …A great celebration awaits all the “faithful runners” and they will bring the race to its final glorious conclusion! There, at that place, amidst great jubilation, the “best wine” which has been left for last - will be poured. All of those who ran in previous times will be there to congratulate those “final runners” …and we could be that chosen generation …The generation that will have brought the race to its final victorious conclusion! Such blessed hope for us as believers! As children of light, we know the time is at hand for our departure, when we shall leave this world (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18). But, until then, the church is to be vigilant with intercessors holding back the darkness. At this point, the final battle will no longer be between the church and Satan as we will have successfully defeated him and will have received the victor’s crown as over comers. Then, very soon, the church shall leave this earth and hand off the baton to the Jewish people as they enter into their 70th week (Daniel 9:20-27). It is during this time that God removes their blindness and prepares their hearts for the Messiah’s return, where He will establish His long awaited political and spiritual kingdom, where the saints from all ages shall rule and reign with Him. Halleluyah!

We most sincerely believe that God WILL bless you for your faithfulness and love for His land and His chosen people. God’s Word is true! He IS watching to see how the nations are treating His people. God will have mercy on Israel through Gentile believers acting as mediators towards them… This is one of the most amazing revelations ever given to the church – an opportunity to do something that carries the highest priority in the heart of God. Yet… sadly, so few have seen the potential and the rewards of serving God in this manner - as agents of mercy to Israel and the Jewish people! Israel was and still is despised today …and a despisable nation continually turning away from God BUT nothing ever altered the purpose of God for that nation. NOTHING! The despised element is always a noticeable element in the purpose of God. When the Saviour of the world came, Yeshua (Jesus) came of that despised nation and like IsraelHe Himself was "despised and rejected by men,"and there is that despised element, "…things that are despised God has chosen," 1 Corinthians 1:28. Now more than at any time is the time to support Israel and the Jewish people - the Lord’s Brethren! We are witnessing the nations and people turning their backs on Israel. Please your support is critical! Thank you!

We hope that you enjoy and become more informed by our work. We serve an awesome God and we are humbled by this opportunity to bring you this information. With Shalom to you and your family always,

Alf & Julie Saunders

01st September, 2016

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