What on Earth is going on?

Shalom Precious Partner and Friend of Israel,

What on Earth is God doing now? How do these challenging events facing us today - which are at times heart-breaking, unfolding around in times of complete or partial/full Lockdown or Quarantine relate to what the Bible tells us WILL happen before the Rapture and Christ's return? What is the meaning of these events that literally seemed to have happened overnight? The early Christians in the 1st Century would often talk of the day when Yeshua (Jesus) would return and of His coming being; “like a thief in the night” and they encouraged one another by looking forward to it. If that was so for centuries ago …just think how much more we should be anticipating His coming in the days in which we live? Now more than ever, it is crucial that we remember to lift our heads and say; “Maranatha” - “Come Lord Jesus!”

What on EARTH is going on? Many people today are asking… “Where is God in this crisis and is He sovereign over this Corona Virus? Why is this happening and is God punishing people? What does it say about God, that a virus like Covis-19 exists? Our answer is always a reminder …have we ‘all not been praying for the return of the Lord and can it be that God has heard the prayers of His people? The times of the Gentiles are drawing to a close after 2,000 years. The Wuhan Corona Virus is God's wake-up call to those who have been sleeping! It is a wake-up call for the Body of Christ. Could we be seeing the setting of the stage for the Rapture of the Church; the 3rd Temple; the arrival of the Antichrist and the Second Coming of Messiah? We MUST make sure in these very unique, difficult but exciting days ahead that we're NOT asleep! As believers we have the answer! During Lockdown it has and still is hard times but we must not FEAR for the breaking apart of the world’s systems is destined to happen …but it won’t yet be the end – it will still be unfolding! Nations will go to war against each other and kingdom against kingdom. And, there will be terrible earthquakes – seismic events of epic proportion, horrible epidemics (plagues) and famines in place after place. This is now the first contractions and birthing pains of the End-Times. Our Lord said – “Do not be afraid!” God speaks about a “sudden destruction” (wars, corruption, pestilence etc) that will come over the End-Time-world, that will be experienced as the travails of a pregnant woman with child, when her time for giving birth is drawing near. These woes will come suddenly in still increasing measure and with still quicker succession (Matthew 24:8-13). This shaking by the Lord of the Nations of the world has already begun! Something is being birthed!

So where is God in this? Right in the midst of the crisis - working with, and within His people to overcome! God did not cause those pandemics, wars etc. could be averted but rather that we overcome! It would be the Church walking in Christ’s victory won! Is God punishing people? NO! Our Lord warned us that these things would come as a result of the End-Times and the existence of a broken world – God is in the midst of His people working (Mark 16:15-19). In order for healing to exist – sickness must exist! In order for light to shine – there must be darkness. In order for authority and power to exist – evil with its directive must exist! Remember in this world of evil darkness - our Lord Yeshua is the “light of the world!” 

The “Wuhan Corona Virus” literally spread like an un-controllable WILD-FIRE as the world caught off-guard in the flames without available equipment to stop it!

First rule to apply when you need to figure out something that makes NO sense at all – is; who stands to benefit the most…? That’s rule number one. And, in Rule number two is; who is in what position after the changes take place? Rule number three is most important! We need understanding that we are living in End-Times, and the Globalists (New World Order) must rise to the fore-front before the Antichrist is revealed.

We ALL looked on in horror as the nations across the world began shutting down one-by-one in February 2020 …and watched as the daily record of infections would rise. Many lives tragically lost from this very contagious Covid-19 (Corona Virus) that began way back in October 2019 in a laboratory in the City of Wuhan in Communist China. China tried to cover-up and blame bats sold in the “wet-market” where exotic live (snakes, rats, dogs, cats etc) animals were slaughtered for human consumption. After concealing this from the world for more than 6 weeks the World Health Organization (WHO) secretly allied with Communist China and together they lied and deceived the world by covering up China’s deliberate spread of the Wuhan Virus. It was a “Globalists” plannedemic to bring down the presidency of Trump and silence his greatest supporters! Who are they? You guessed it Evangelical Christians, Churches and Israel.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Dr. Tedros of W.H.O. knew very well that this extremely contagious Virus would rapidly and deliberately spread like a “plaque” across the globe into 187 countries un-knowingly; un-expectantly to a shocked and unprepared world and that it would cause much panic. The cause and effects of this Pandemic was far more devastating as it not only killed the elderly and vulnerable sick people but was aimed at destroying the economies of the world! Not only did it destroy the prosperous economies but devastated the poorer nations across the world, literally causing them all to crash simultaneously. In the weeks following the outbreak in Wuhan, Communist China began to store and withhold PPE - protective equipment such as masks, medicine and even ventilators so that they would profit from unsuspecting and unprepared nations desperately trying to save their people. How wicked is this?

Over the years Western Nations were duped by China and became dependent upon them providing “cheap” goods BUT it turned out very “expensive!” Godless Communist China was waiting for the right opportunity to buy up Africa through corruption and greedy leaders. Eyes are now beginning to open, though a little too late …that China is certainly NOT the ally they believed it once believed them to be. Food supplies are in demand even as production plants were closing and farmers not having the required number of workers. So, food was rotting and milk poured out all the while people across the world starved. Businesses once prosperous were now “hanging on a thread” and air-travel restricted with planes grounded …and so as the list goes on! Truly we are at war with an invisible enemy called “Corona Virus” produced by a visible Communist China and its Cabal.

Millions of jobs are now lost and people’s livelihoods, families, businesses, homes, schools, universities etc., all affected as compulsory Lockdowns had to be introduced to contain this Virus – plannedemic “plague! In other words, you can’t die these days without dying of corona virus! Corona virus death numbers are inflated, say some. “Notice how nobody’s dying of pneumonia anymore?” They’re calling everything now - “a Corona virus!” The more we research about this Corona Virus the more sceptical we could become and might feel a little, saying, “Sheepish” about the fact that we’re staying at home … “in order to protect humanity!”

We ask ourselves why were Churches closed but grocery stores not?” Some say it is … “because people can pray in their own homes, but they need to visit a store to buy food and other essentials?” Yes, that’s true - but still doesn’t answer fully. A nice try, and a reply one would expect from a gullible stay-at-homer. No, the answer is “because well-fed sheep are more docile.”

We need to become hungry for the "Kingdom of God" - for the "Body of Christ!" The Church is God’s heart just as Israel is God’s Land and the Jews are His chosen people and the Bible His Word. The world needs the Church to rise up NOW more than ever before! The world is hungry for the Word of God! People are in great fear and in need of a place that they can connect with believers. "And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, and let us NOT neglect (forsake) our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage (exhorting) one another, especially now that the day of His return is drawing near (approaching)." - Hebrews 10:24-25. Another version says; "so much the more as you see the Day approaching." What day? The Day of the Lord!

What our world needs today is the Church of God – the Body of Christ to arise! As believers personal contact with other believers is NOT merely suggested by God in the Bible …it is commanded! Relationships with other believers are one way to be encouraged to live out the faith we proclaim. We are called on to "hold fast," through our own spiritual maturity in faith, however, is greatly influenced by having Godly examples around us. This is why the Great Commission was for the Church to go and "make disciples," (Matthew 28:18–20) not merely to talk about Yeshua (Jesus). As believers we are to look for opportunities to inspire others to love and to do good works. "How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?"- Romans 10:14.

So, you see it’s important for believers to meet and that Church may be a building but it is where we can worship in one accord and honour our Lord. There is anointing connected to meeting together. Greek term used here is "enkataleipontes," which is referring to "an abandonment or forsaking." This term is also used in other versions as "neglect," since it implies a failure to do something one ought to be doing. In clear terms, believers in Messiah – Yeshua (Jesus Christ) have an obligation to fellowship with other Christians. This is not only necessary for discipleship, but so that we can meet each other's needs, and encourage and inspire each other in faith (Hebrews 3:13; Colossians 3:16). As the days grow darker believers will be persecuted just as our Lord warned us and we have to fight the good fight of faith!

What we are witnessing are Draconian Laws implemented by power-hungry, controlling leaders of governments as freedoms are ripped away from the people.

The world as we once knew was ripped from us all by Communists leaders! We need wise leaders standing upon God’s Word – the Bible. God truly has given us a strong World Leader and so we are very grateful for US President Trump as he stands against the Globalists and their plans for an ungodly New World Order. Our world as it is today after the destruction meant for evil by the deliberate spread of the Wuhan Corona Virus - can only be restored by the Grace of Almighty God! We as believers must go down on our knees and humble ourselves asking for forgiveness and mercy from our ABBA Father for our nations!

It’s clear that China wants to be the next World Super-Power… The Wuhan Corona Virus was a “Plannedemic” and an “Act of War” designed to crash the Global Economies and bring in the “New World Order! Whatever evil happened in those laboratories in China or in the “wet-market” or in secret in Wuhan has now certainly left the world a less safe place! The world as we knew it will most certainly never be the same again and so we need to embrace a new way of doing things! The Corona Virus has revealed that the world can NO longer afford to trust Communist China or even Dr Tedros and the World Health Organization, a Communist himself who hid China’s actions and so he knowingly caused so much loss of lives and suffering! While China covered up the extent of the virus’s spread, the W.H.O. continued to praise China for its “so-called pro-active response” and transparency? The Liberal Media became a voice for China? How can anyone praise the “Communist China Cabal” after they deliberately spread the Virus and their actions of cleaning up their mess in their country? A “Cabal” is a secret plot, or a small group of people who create such a plot based on the idea that “Globalists” Governments worldwide are in the hands of a powerful “Cabal” of a group of Politicians or other people as they meet and decide things secretly. Today GOOD is being called evil and EVIL called good!

What is God revealing or allowing so that He may bring His Kingdom into full view …and why are these things happening so quickly? When we cannot make sense of what, or why, then we need to PRAY …and more than ever before stand upon God’s Word. When we see those things in Scripture begin to occur - look UPWARDS for the “signs” of the Lord’s soon Return. God does NOT want us to be ignorant of His plans for these End-Times. Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to His servants the prophets! (Amos 3:7; Numbers 12:6)

The Lord speaks to us for a reason and does not waste words …yet He chose to speak in “veiled terms” in the language of the Prophets. Is there a reason that God wanted to talk to us in “dreams and visions,” instead of giving us clear factual details which cannot be disputed? Some of the things portrayed in the “visions” given to Daniel, Ezekiel and John were NOT even things familiar to their understanding of their times. Therefore, they too had to describe the “pictures,” or “visions” as they saw or perceived them. Daniel is a good example! When he couldn’t understand as much as he wanted to, was told by God; “Go your way, Daniel, because the words are rolled up and sealed until the Time-of-the-End. Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, BUT, the wicked will continue to be wicked! None of the wicked will understand, BUT those who are wise will understand!” -Daniel 12:9-10. We live in a time where God is un-sealing what Daniel wanted to look into more closely thousands of years ago.

There may be many reasons why God speaks in “picture form” and “visions,” but one of the reasons, we believe, is that God wants His people throughout the Church Age to be always ready, and awaiting His return …and to understand the times we are living in. Here we in this Scripture we see that “the wicked will continue to be wicked and that none of the wicked will understand!” We believers MUST be wise even in these evil times and keep ourselves “spotless” as we are the Bride of Christ separated from the world’s ways! The “birth-pangs” or “sorrows” are just beginning so if we thought that the Chinese Corona Virus was bad, we MUST be prepared for more satanic attacks!

China had every intention to bring DOWN America …and the world into their submission; Is the ever-opportunistic China now playing its cards right while the world watches on? China which is blatantly responsible for the spread of Corona Virus in the whole world is successful to a great extends to curb the spread of this planned Virus in its own country. Why? Because they planned it ahead of time knowing that it would affect firstly their own people but they were collateral damage – since the end justifies the means! 

Wuhan, where the virus originated is now OPEN for business and their LOCKDOWN has ended. All-the-while China is planning to invest in ALL other countries and conquer the world. China has huge investments in companies around the world and shares of big companies have become very cheap after the global markets fell due to spread of Corona Virus. In such a situation, China has aggressively accelerated investment in companies of America, Europe, Africa and Asia including India. The Globalists will push even harder until their (NWO) New World Order is established and they need China. Communist China knew that they could push their agenda. HOW come? Because they have wicked people filled with hatred that would blame everything on US President Trump because of their hatred for him. The corrupt Liberal Media, Democrats, Hollywood, Elites and Socialists etc. - are all allied with China against Trump and certainly do NOT care who suffers from their actions as long as they stop him from being re-elected in November this year.

The Coming Cold-War with China…! China is known for their atrocities and worst human rights even to their own people. The Communist Government of China did not care when they sent their “virus infected” people from the City of Wuhan knowing it could kill their people but saw them as collateral damage because their ultimate goal was to infect America and the rest of us around the world. In the 1930s, as much as they wanted to avoid another great war, British and French leaders were forced to respond to Germany’s aggression in central Europe. In the late 1940s, America’s instinct to disentangle itself from war-ravaged Europe was quickly tempered by the realization that the Soviet Union would impose or infiltrate Communist control as far into Europe as possible.

The Chinese Dragon…. This year in China they celebrated their “Year of the RAT!” And this truly lives up to what they are for bringing upon the world death and sickness as well as destroying world economies. Chinese Leader Xi Jinping’s unwritten contract with China’s 1.4 billion citizens says if they give him complete political control, he will make them wealthy and build China into a superpower. However, they US President Trump saw through all this and sanctions began to hurt China and most of all Xi’s ego! Maybe the Wuhan Corona Virus will soon be contained …and we all truly hope so! But another thing we should remember is that should the Chinese economy bounce back then Xi will be most definitely pin the “dragon’s share” of the blame on some of his underlings. But even in a best-case scenario, Xi would NOT emerge from this crisis entirely unscathed.

The rise and fall of China…?China is known as the ‘Land of the dragon’ and the Chinese people regard themselves as ‘children of the dragon.’ For thousands of years in Chinese history, each Emperor of Ancient China deified the dragon, and proclaimed himself the ‘son of the dragon’ to consolidate his supreme authority.” The mighty Chinese dragon became the exclusive symbol of the Imperial household. It was declared that only the Emperor who was “royalty” could wear dragon robes, sleep in the dragon bed and sit on the “dragon throne.” In fact, almost everything bore by the Emperor was associated with a “dragon image and his association with the mythical and mighty dragon helped to keep the imperial structure intact for two thousand years!” (People’s Daily: Chinese Dragon Originates from Primitive Agriculture: Archaeologist). With all of these south Asian nations in the close proximity of China one can easily see that an alliance with China is possible and highly probable. With China being the largest and wealthiest among those nations in the East, these nations have NO choice but to join the sphere of Chinese dominance and influence, be it for economic, and or military reasons. Eventually the power and influence of the West will no longer dominate South-East Asia, and the only alternative is the growing power of China

We come now to a remarkable prophecy given us in Ezekiel 38 and 39. It is God’s message to Gog of Magog and his allies, who dwell far to the north of the Promised Land and of Ezekiel’s place of exile in Babylon but will one day come down into the Land of Israel with a vast invasion force. Notice that Gog's invasion will occur after many days...in the latter years...in the latter days (Ezekiel 38:8, 16). So clearly, we are dealing with End-Time Prophecy. The 1st Century Jewish historian Josephus wrote: “Magog founded those that from him were named Magogites, but who by the Greeks were called Scythians.” (Antiquities of the Jews) The name Scythians denoted a wide array of peoples who ranged across the Russian Steppes - all the way into China

“Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great Euphrates River, and it dried up so that the kings from the east could march their armies toward the west without hindrance." - Revelation 16:12. Here we see that it is prophesied that the kings of the east will gather an army that numbers 200 million soldiers (Revelation 9:14-16). Such a vast army could only be assembled with the massive population of Communist China. In 2020, China had the largest active duty military force in the world, with about 2.18 million active military personnel. India (1.4 million), the United States (1.4 million), North Korea (1.2 million), and Russia (1.01 million) rounded out the top five countries with the largest active duty military forces. (statista.com) Clearly China is one of those “kings of the east” and we all watched in horror as China literally brought the world to a standstill and no doubt with biological warfare to deliberately spread the Corona Virus, manufactured in laboratory in Wuhan, sending their own sick people affected by the virus into 187 countries to bring down the economy of the worlds superpower - America and at the same time the world’s economies too! “…saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, ‘Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.’  So, the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind. Now the number of the army of the horsemen was two hundred million; I heard the number of them.” Revelation 9:14-16. So, will China become the world’s next dominating superpower after they caused decline of the U.S.? The answer is NO! America through US President Trump is Israeli’s closest ally and God has His Hands on both nations. Though China may grow to tremendous world power, even superpower status - especially through deceptive economic means, as indicated in Isaiah 23 China will NOT rise to the top spot. That position will be filled by the European power (EU) led by Germany! After a short economic partnership, China will violently contend with the “king of the north” for Global dominance. But this war will end when Yeshua - Jesus Christ returns and destroys both powers!

Gog basically means “rooftop” and is also thought to mean mountain... As it seems to indicate a peak or highest point, some have viewed it as designating a “supreme” ruler-a despot or dictator. In that case, Gog of Magog becomes “dictator of the dictatorship.” That would certainly fit the description given. Perhaps both the figurative and national meanings are intended. The decline in Xi’s power relative to that of his fellow strongman Putin in Russia… Gerald Flurry in his booklet; “The Prophesied Prince of Russia” has identified Vladimir Putin as the man who will lead an End-Time Asian military force that Bible Prophecy calls “the kings of the east” (Revelation 16:12) and says will have a force of 200 million soldiers (Revelation 9:16). He also shows that Ezekiel 38:2 describes the leadership of this Asian bloc; It will be led by “the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal” (New King James Version). Meshech and Tubal, are early names corresponding to modern Russian cities.

 Rosh is a variation of an Ancient name for Russia. Ezekiel 38:2 also mentions “the land of Magog,” which includes modern China, as being a part of the power bloc. But the Bible makes clear that it will NOT be a Chinese leader but a Russian one who is the primary king, or prince, over this “kings of the east” conglomerate. We need to watch Vladimir Putin closely as it’s now becoming almost certain that he could be the “‘prince of Rosh” whom God inspired Ezekiel to write about 2,500 years ago!” Time will soon tell!

This is what the Lord GOD says: Are you the one of whom I have spoken in former days through My servants, the prophets of Israel, who in those times prophesied for years that I would bring you against them? - Ezekiel 38:17. God says, that he spoke of this time by his servants the prophets that Amalek would come up against Israel. At that time God would avenge his people, and punish Amalek, a sworn enemy of God. Even today China is Communist and Atheistic state, claiming there is no God! Ezekiel 38 is a description of the fulfilment of earlier prophecies God gave to Israel through his prophets, that he would exact revenge on Amalek for their attack on Israel in the wilderness after the Exodus. Amalek seeking to destroy Israel, and making war against God Himself, made God curse Amalek …and vowed to be Amalek’s enemy until their final destruction as a nation. That final destruction will take place at the end of the 1000-year reign of Christ as we read of in Revelation 20, as we shall see. The Day of the Lord is a time when God judges the world for their sins. A time when God must Judge and let the punishment suit the crimes; “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord” - Romans 12:19.

The question is not - “Is there going to be a World War III?” It is in the Bible. There is not a one-tenth of one-percent chance that it is not going to happen! Another world war is coming and it’s just a matter of when and it will be the biggest world war ever. According to the Bible, one out of three (1/3) people on the earth will die in this war of all wars! The prophecy is found in Revelation 9:15; “And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.” The “third part of men” would be over two billion people! Other translations read “one-third of the human race,” “one-third of all the people on earth,” “one-third of humanity.” They all say the same thing. A war is just ahead that will wipe out over two billion human beings!

Prior to the 20th Century, there had never been a war with one million fatalities. Then came; World War I in 1914, with 8.2 million dead. They called it “The Great War.” With the founding of the League of Nations, we had hoped that this type of carnage would never happen again. Twenty years later, 52 million people died in World War II. As if something had come unhinged in the human soul, we cried out, “How can we ever stop this?” Then with the founding of the United Nations (UN) the world had hoped that the solution to world peace was at hand. But there is another war coming. There will neither be 8 million dead nor 52 million dead. This war that is coming will kill 2.2 billion people - forty times World War II. It will be the worst war ever!

Nations in “distress!” It is clear to see Satan working through policies of godless Democrat Liberals, Socialists, Communists and Islamists leaders today and these people no longer are secret about their plans but openly displaying their Godless unrighteous agendas without shame or fear of Almighty God! We can also see many calamities and problems facing the nations of the world today;

…from the planned Corona Virus of Wuhan China …to the Asian  killer bees and wasps unleashed in Washington (where did they come from and why?);

…from the fires in Australia set by arsonists;

…from the homelessness in America, South Africa and across the world;

…from the poverty and hunger facing Africa because of greedy corrupt politicians;

…from the lies of the very corrupt Liberal Media, Liberal Democrats and Socialists causing political unrest towards US President Trump with such viperous hatred swallowing up a once noble Democrat Party in America!

“And there shall be “signs” in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” - Luke 21:25-26. Most have already heard of the events that precede the Second Coming of Christ and while the Prophecies are largely ignored by the world even the Church is “barley giving heed” and, no wonder that Yeshua – Jesus Christ often warned that He would come as a “thief in the night!”  Let’s look at the first half of this year 2020 which began with “suddendistress and perplexity. The Word “perplexity” means; bewilderment, confusion, puzzlement, bafflement, incomprehensible, difficulty, mystery, obscurity, problem etc. The word “distress” means; anguish, pain, suffering, agony, affliction, discomfort, misery, sorrow, torture, trouble, sorrow etc. 

The First months of 2020 (5780) truly tested believers’ FAITH in God as never before and many of us can relate to these two words in Luke 21: 26 as men’s hearts “failing with fear!” Fear of what? Fear of the unknown – in a form of an “invisible enemy” – Wuhan Corona Virus!

The current Wuhan Corona Virus Pandemic “Plague” is NOT an event prophesied in the Bible for the 7-year Tribulation. The world simply hasn’t entered that time period yet as that happens after the Rapture. However, it is significant to Bible Prophecy …because it sets the stage for the soon fulfilment of many End-Time Bible Prophecies! We shouldn’t be surprised as the Lord warned us it would come before His return at the End of Days. Power hungry Politicians take advantage of times of turmoil, disaster, and fear to implement changes people otherwise wouldn’t accept. How should we respond to the fear or distress of the End-Time signs? Let not your heart be troubled (Matthew 24: 6) Do not be terrified (Luke 21: 9) We must be on guard so that our hearts are not weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and the worries of this life, and that day catch us unexpectedly, like a trap - for it will come upon ALL who live on the face of the whole earth (Luke 21:34). Look up and lift our heads as redemption draws near (Luke.21: 28). Remember that we cannot see air but we still breathe and we cannot see God but we still believe! God is greater than this “invisible enemy” or unseen plans of the wicked!

“For thus saith the LORD of hosts; yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens and the earth (the world), and the sea, and the dry land (nature); And I will shake ALL nations!”- Haggai 2:6-7. Why WILL the Lord “shake the Nations” of the world in the End-Time? (1) It would be a “sign” for His Church that before His soon return to the earth. He will shake the nations of the world in the End-Time because of sin and iniquity among the Nations abounding and multiplying (Matthew 24:12; Luke 17:26-29; Psalm 2:1-5). (2) So, the Lord shall bring His judgements over the entire earth and her inhabitants, in order to bring man by this “Divine” action of “mercy” to Salvation: Zephaniah 1:14-18, 2:1-3. (3) The Lord’s intention is to bring about a great harvest of numerous souls into His Kingdom before His return to the earth: Revelation 7:9. The Apostle Paul too predicted this “divine shaking” in the End-Time in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3.

God’s Word is true! He IS watching to see how the nations are treating His people – Israel. God will have mercy on Israel through Gentile believers acting as mediators towards them! This is one of the most amazing revelations ever given to the Church – an opportunity to do something that carries the highest priority in the heart of God. Yet, sadly, so few have seen the potential and the rewards of serving God in this manner - as agents of mercy to Israel and the Jewish people! Israel was and still is despised today and a despised nation continually turning away from God BUT nothing ever altered the purpose of God for that nation. The despised element is always a noticeable element in the purpose of God. When the Saviour of the world came, He came of that despised nation; like IsraelHe Himself was; “despised and rejected by men,”and there is that despised element; “…things that are despised God has chosen,” 1 Corinthians 1:28. Now, more than at any time is the time to support Israel and the Jewish people - the Lord’s Brethren! We are witnessing the nations and people turning their backs on Israel. Thank you for your prayers and generous financial support especially during these very difficult times. With “lockdown” and difficult “recovery” still lying ahead we ARE reminded that the Wuhan Corona Virus has caused many dire needs and continue to increase here in Israel upon the already most vulnerable! Once again – Thank you!

We hope that you enjoy and become more informed by our work. We serve an awesome God and we are humbled by this opportunity to bring you this information. With Shalom to you and your family always,

Alf & Julie Saunders

01st June, 2020

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John Bunyan once said, "You have never lived successfully until you have done something for someone who can NEVER repay you!"

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