Why Israel?

Psalms 122:6 "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: They shall prosper that love thee. "

Once in a generation the opportunity to reshape the future presents itself. This is our opportunity and yours to help Israel and especially Northern Israel.

 Northern Israel may be out of the main headlines, but it's not out of difficulty or danger.

Terrorist rockets caused an estimated billion dollars in damage and lost income. The devastating impact of the war of the summer of 2006 still haunts hundreds of people in the North as well as Southern Israel. In 2007, peace or seize fire was just an illusion. Today, 2008  we are constantly reminded that rockets are still being fired into Israel and there is always that uneasy feeling that war is still brewing on the horizon.

We would like to believe that God has raised up this ministry of generosity to assist in the next crucial phase. Today the emergency work is far from over and this we can see clearly just by watching TV or reading the headlines in the newspapers.

By being actively involved and making ample preparation before-hand can mean life or death to some.

Please help us make a difference and by assisting us prayerfully and financially together we can do it. God is calling us all to be a part in what He is doing in that small nation which has always been the 'Apple of His Eye.' Psalm 122:6.

God bless you with Shalom always.
The Directors of Pray 4 Zion




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